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Cameo's relating to the Castlevania series are in here! These are submission guidelines. Got a question about the site? Check in here! Want to affiliate? Click here to find out how! Goto Megaman sprites!

These are the submission guidelines. If you have a question, feel free to email me.
To submit to Sprites Inc, please use the special Submission Forums.

1) Submitting New Sheets for Unripped Characters:

a) We only accept clear, unanti-aliased, original size sheets. So, none of the following:
Don't do this.
b) Avoid submitting BMPs, and if you MUST send BMP's, zip them up (it greatly reduces the download and upload time. ;) )
c) Transparency is not a must, but it is appreicated if you can impliment it correctly.
d) The sheet must be fairly complete. A few frames missing doesn't concern us, but if a sheet barely has anything on it, then we cannot accept it. Exceptions to this rule are characters whom have little to no animation.
e) If you do not have the skills to remove the background (from personal experience, I KNOW certain emulators and games do not allow you to remove background layers), but have still most/all of the frames, submit the sheet anyway, and we'll see if we can do something about it.
f) Currently, only Megaman, Casltevania, or related rips are accepted.
g) If a character has many recolours and has many frames, then just submit a single frame of the recolour. Mechanical Maniacs has a great example on how to recolour sprites just using Paint.
h) If you are experiened in the matter - it is quite handy to have a sprite in "layers". Please refer to the Megaman X6 Boss section and the various boss sheets to see what I mean. If you have the ability to send us a sprite like that, feel free to!
i) Some characters can only be submitted in layers, and would be inpractical to rip each minor frame movement. (See the bloated Rainy Turtleloid sheets compared to the layers sheet to see what I mean about inpractical.)
Theres nothing wrong with bloated sheets, and for some characters, it is, unfortunately, a nessercery, equally, some characters are rather pointless being submitted via just layers. Use common sense in the matter.
j)Also many large boss characters are also in layers. Layer submissions are perfectly exceptable.
*note* Layers are also refered to as body parts, pieces, etc.
*k)Note, any rotating bosses (i.e in recent games..) MUST be submitted as layers. Please put an example of how to assemble the boss on the sheet.

l) If a piece of background overlaps a piece of the sprite, yes, you may "edit it" into what you think it should look like. Also feel free to do this to any "buggy" sprites, (sprites that look weird due to a programming glitch, for a good example of this see the Forte.exe Rockman EXE 4.5 sheet.) while at the same time keeping the buggy sprite in the sheet as well, (for this sake of accuracy.)

2) Submitting additions to sheets.

a) If you notice a frame (or hundred) missing from a Sprite, rip it and submit it. We're aiming to be as complete as possible!
b) This can be done in one of two ways. First you can simply submit the frame(s) as an seperate image file.
c) Or, if you really feel like being helpful, add it into the existing sheet and submit THAT.
d) And if you want to be uber helpful, rename the new file into the same file as the original file on Sprites INC. If you follow.
e) Same rules still apply, the pallete must, preferbly, match the sheet on Sprites INC.
f) Feel free to submit an already ripped sprite in Layers. It's still helpful if you can do it!

3) Not acceptable.

a) Non-Megaman/Castlevania related sprites - currently, if a game has nothing to do with these, we don't accept rips from it.
c) Sprite Rips from other sites - If we find you've submitted a sheet that someone else has done - you can expect to be punished in some way. If the case calls for it, this could mean being locked out of Sprites INC entirely.
By Sprites Rips from other sites, this does not count if you originally submitted the sheet to that site.
d) Jpegs - Do, NOT, submit Jpegs. PLEASE. They are unusable.

4) Oddball stuff:

a) Take a look at the sections on Sprites Inc... theres some rather useless menu rips. Yes, feel free to submit those!