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This article has been added to the site, because judging by the request thread, people don't know how to use it.
It's also to answer some nagging and daft questions I have been asked in the past.
This should hopefully help those without brains or eyes, and provide a decent read for just about anyone else.

General Information Wait.. this says Sprites Inc, but I only see Castlevania!
Inc, as it says in the title, is a Castlevania Sprite Archive. AND a Megaman Sprite Archive. There's a button for "Megaman" for a reason.. and that's probably how you got here in the first place right?

Can you give a little history on Inc?
The Castlevania section has been in the works for months now, and was hinted at in the Christmas video. Theres no real history to this section, other than the staff generally deciding this could be one series we could cover pretty well, and was popular enough to warrent doing so!

How is Sprites INC organised?
Inc's Archives are split up into folders, and each folder with all its content is then viewed at once when you open it on one single page.
Now just placing every Castlevania rip ever created into one folder WOULD be very hard to use, (And kill any 56'kers still around. No, physically rip their spinal cords out.) so these folders are organised into different games, catergories and characters.

So how is it split up?
This is a bit hard to explain, but since Castlevania is one long timeline, we felt the easiest way to organise it was.. by style of all things.
See those buttons above the one you click to come here? Those really pretty things with in-game images on them?
The styles are, Retro, which is 8bit or lower, basically the NES and Gameboy Castlevania games with a couple of sideline ones covered, then theres the Dracula X style. This is Konami's currently used style for the DS games, and many games use the same style, so we figured we'd lump them all together in this folder.
The "Others" are self explainitory. It's everything else. These have been split into folders depending on whether they were for the handheld, or console.
Each section is then split up per game. The way these are ordered on the pages, so taking the Retro section.. are:
* Main Series (So Castlevania 1, 2 and 3.)
* Side Games (Castlevania Adventure 1, 2, Legend, etc)
* Spinoffs (Kid Dracula)
* Cameo Appearences (Konami World 1 and 2, etc)

So each game has a folder... Well, technically, each game has LOTS of folders. Split into enemies, bosses, and just about anything else thats physically rippable.

Now I can see, this is where people get a little confused. I'll cover the main points and in perticular what people have asked about.

Categorisation Questions Why don't the Belmonts, and Dracula get mugshots like the Megaman INC does?
* There are WAY too many Belmonts to give them all their own folder and mugshot.
* Basically the only three Characters that would get their own Folders, would be Simon, Dracula, and Death. Not really worth it.
* Instead, they'll be listed under each game.

What's the difference between a Boss and a Sub-Boss?
What defines a boss in a Castlevania game, and on Sprites INC is the following:
Old, Classic Style CV
* Any enemy character that appears at the end of a stage.
* Any enemy character that uses the game's boss music during the fight.
>Metroidvania Style
* Any battle that locks you inside a room/andor uses the regular boss music during the fight.

What defines a sub-boss in a Castlevania game, and on Sprites INC is the following:
Old Classic Style
* An enemy that uses the game's Sub-Boss music whilst fighting it.
There are very few examples of this in the Castlevania series, Bloodlines being the most prominment one. You won't be seeing many sub-boss folders here.

"Why Isn't There?" Why isn't there Sprites from the remake of Dracula X/Curse of Darkness/Etc?
Please read this.
With the exception of the 2d Elements of the games, THEY ARE NOT RIPPABLE AND DO NOT CONTAIN SPRITES.
We'll accept textures, cutscenes, mugshots, HUD's, etc. But nothing else.

But I've ripped them!
You've taken pictures of a 3d Model and pasted them into paint. Good for you.
They still aren't a sprite, so we don't accept them.

What part of "we don't accept 3d "sprites" is hard to understand?

Why isn't this or that ripped?
Because it hasn't been ripped yet. We're getting round to it.

Using the Sprites Terms of Useage:
All sprites on this site may be used for any non-profit project.
How-ever, we do not allow these sheets to be taken and placed on another site, and would prefer you to link directly the sprite pages.

The exception to this is if the original ripper of the sprite gives you his or her permission to use that sheet.

We can't make you give credit, but should you want to give credit, simply put "These sprites were ripped by Sprites INC".
Alternatively, if you're a really really nice person, you can contact me and I can send you what I have or know about whom ripped each sheet that you're using, until we get the credit section of the site uploaded.

Why Non-Profit?
Because using Konami's work and characters without their permission with you making money off it, would really piss them off.

Stupid Question Time! (Which I have Really Been Asked)
Isn't Sprite Ripping Illegal?
If Konami have a beef with Sprite Rips, they can attempt to close every Castlevania site on the internet and piss off everyone who considers themselves a fan.
Konami isn't stupid. They allow things to happen because its damn good publicity.

Why Don't you cover other series?
... it takes a damn long time to cover other series. This new section is the start of us covering other series.

Why start Castlevania? Why don't you finish off the Megaman section.
Because I like Castlevania, and evidently, so do most of the staff. Theres no reason NOT to do it, right?

What's with the ugly forum?
We're working on it.

Help! I can't register at the forum!
You've read the rules right?

Eww! Furry!

You, you sick git!

You know..
I fail to see a point here.

Still... Ew.. furry.
... ok...

You're mis-spelling color! And armor! And organize!
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The world is bigger than America, despite what some of you believe.

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