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Cameo's relating to the Castlevania series are in here! These are submission guidelines. Got a question about the site? Check in here! Want to affiliate? Click here to find out how! Goto Megaman sprites!

Affilation is dead, dead simple. You just need to apply and if I like your site, it'll be added.
Ok, so it's not THAT simple, there are a few catches:

The site must either be:
Castlevania related. (Can cover anything.)
B) Spriting related. (Can be of any video game series, or a general sprite collection. This can also mean either sprite sheets, or "packages" for various creation software.)
C) Creation resource related. (This basically means, you provide resources to people who wish to create things. Generally this applies to FanGame, WebComic and the latter, altough you can try me if you think your site might have any other useful resources.)

In addition, I won't just accept a site because it falls under these. No, the main criteria in my eyes is content.
Not popularity. None of that "Get 1thousandhits or get lost" shit. I find that very irritating.
Oh no, what I want is content. The more, better, and unquie the content is, the more I'll probably like the site (Or at least the idea of the site if not the site.)
This means - for instance if your site is providing accurate rips of a perticular series, (and wide coverage of that series.) then i'd most likely accept the affiliation. If you provide a very useful service yet don't manage to get this hits in, try me. As stated - INC is a resource site, and i'd like to think that we provide a resource with our affiliates too.

Resource means anything from sound effects to midis, to tutorials on game creation or otherwise.
Equally, if you've done something really creative Castlevania or Video-Game wise - i'd love to hear from you!

NOTE 1 - General Sprite ripping sites in general - I certainly will NOT affiliate with you should you have stolen content (from here or elsewhere) on your site, or offer very lousy rips.
NOTE 2 - As a general rule, I don't link with forums, altough if your forum is either spriting based or Castlevania based AND has a very active, large community, I might think about it.
NOTE 3 - If your site is down for an extended period of time, then I will take your link down and open the spot up to someone else. Should your site come back online, just email me again for me to re-add you.
There are as many spots as needed, altough there will be a time when I'll close affiliation at least for a short while.
To request affiliation - please email me at, and please remember, if I said no, don't continue asking. (Remove the 3's)