Introduction Thread
Greetings, my dear mortal children.

I am quite pleased to see such inspirational minds joined together within this small hive of creativity... A welcome sight from all the short-minded fools holding directive of entire nations, wasting potential for utter nonesense...

But please, allow me to properly introduce myself.
I'm the one mortals of old called the Darklord. Sereg Ûr, as the elves have spoken it with terror... A pleasure...

I am sure...we all can get along...quite nicely... Heheheh...[/font=Times New Roman]


Okay, now out of character.

Greetings, you fine masters of Mega Man Creators and Robot Masters.
It is nice to meet you all.
I am DarklordSeregUr, also known as DarlordBloodySoul (or LBS for short).

I am quite the fan of Mega Man and always hoped to gain the chance of building Levels on my own as well as creating new Robot Masters. However, most of my time was spend studying and working at my job and developing an entire Live-System for an entire Novel Story (which, by the way, took 18 years in development alone...).

I do hope I still can be a proud part of this community, even though I am probably one of the older Followers here.

I love roleplaying as one of my Main Novel Characters (Darklord Sereg Ûr), so please don't mind if I dive into that a bit too much sometimes xD

Hope we all can get along, though :3
So, if ya needn' t to be new to comment here:

I am Psychosis, but you can call me DigoBlaze12, LanternCorp Yohltel, or simply Yohltel or Digo. I joined this nice neighboorhood at the start of the year, I have some knowledge at spriting and arranging, but I am still a very basic programmer. I hope we have good times here!

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