Zero's Battle Battle Revolution
Yo yo whats up dawgs this fan game is all hip and hop and all sorts of happening. Ya'll remember this from the livestream, now you boyz can experience the popping fresh gameplay that is Zero's Battle Battle Revolution.

Grab it here.

* Game now runs at a resolution larger than a postage stamp.
* The "play sounds repeatedly whilst freezing the game" glitch has been fixed.
* The credits midi has been put back in.
* Changed the title art because it was lying unused in the game for some reason.

Sidenote: This game is old and terrible. I think I was twelve when I made it. I'll see if I can locate the sequel.

Sidenote 2: The storyline in this game is epic.
Wow, this was one of the first fangames I ever played, and one of the few I actually enjoyed (I still have a copy on my computer and even played it sometime recently just as a refresher).
Pops up once in a blue moon.
Ace, that may have given me cancer... Or I Just suck at all games thrown at me!

Most likely the latter. Also, what key is the up arrow that isn't solid black?
[Image: RF8iZPq.png]

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