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I'm genuinely glad they didn't go for the 8-bit style. It was already getting old with MM9 and 10 as well as virtually every fan game ever using that style, so I'm glad they're going for a genuine 2.5D HD look. I don't think from an aesthetic point it looks great, but it doesn't look awful and either way I'm personally more concerned about the gameplay and not the graphics. Also good thing they brought the slide and charge back. Anyway glad they're releasing it on multiplatform plus PC. Shame that they're not releasing it on Wii U but it's basically dead so why would they. Regarding female RMs, not really upset, I wasn't really expecting them anyway, it was only attempted once in MM9 and almost all other cases of female robot masters were in fan games.

I'm very excited, not necessarily because of the game itself, but because it could mean the franchise could be soon revived. I'm personally very wishful of X9, ZX3, probably Star Force 4 and many people are hoping for the uncancellation of Legends 3, so if this game is successful then this could become a reality.
Very good. Will pick this up for PC.

I like the new Mega Man design, just a little detailing that doesn't detract at all. Overall artstyle looks ok.

I wonder why they announced nothing at the Japanese 30th anniversary event and did it all in the English-language livestream.

The 80s perspective grid on the title screen makes me happy. I wonder what the gear theme will be.

I'm glad that of the difficulties, there is one labelled "normal". Hopefully that one will be designed in normal Mega Man style.

Finally, it was the right choice to call it Mega Man 11. It's very clear that this is Mega Man as the fans like it, obviously with room for new directions and concepts but ultimately still the "right" Mega Man.
Ah, Mega Man 11, time to replay all the 15 previous games to remember how in the hell mega man still fighting dr. wily rsrsrs.
Ok, Jokes here and there but maybe I'll buy this game, for PC or PS4, and definitively buy the X series for PS4 kek.
I loved the visual style that was seen in the trailer, the new designs of Mega Man and Roll are to my liking, the music of the trailer I liked a lot, also I am excited for the game itself.
(There will probably be a Legends 3 if the game is successful!)

The Dr Wily design looks great. It's a cool combination of the classic and Mega Man 8 designs. Still looks like a scientist, but an evil scientist. Also return of the skull belt rejoice rejoice.
This is what I would call the real Megaman 9, not 11. To me, 9 and 10 are about as legit as the Game Gear version in that they have a Capcom logo on them.
(08-12-2017, 03:19 AM)Heihachi_73 Wrote: This is what I would call the real Megaman 9, not 11. To me, 9 and 10 are about as legit as the Game Gear version in that they have a Capcom logo on them.

I don't think I've heard someone criticize them so sharply as to be not canon, but eh. To each their own. I personally enjoy them a great deal.
Looks pretty bland. Although, considering what Capcom has done with crap like MvC: I and SFV, I'm not surprised. I have a sliver of hope that it will actually not look like this in the final product, but I have doubts. It looks like Sonic 4 all over again.
Even the music sounds bland, that's one of the biggest draws that the Mega Man games have!

I will say though that the concept art of the redesigned characters actually look pretty good, its a shame that the actual game looks pretty bland looking.

(04-12-2017, 08:27 PM)N-Mario Wrote: The new model changes when acquiring new weapons is kinda neat, but It's not the same tradition of color change only. Even the classic Mega Man X had color change only (besides armor upgrades) of its time.

I like it, it's a sort of callback to Akira Kitamura's original idea of Mega Man changing appearance when getting a weapon, a homage to the tokusatsu series Ninja Captor.
Quote:Kitamura: In the beginning, I imagined a character like Mega Man equipped with some kind of weapon, but when you transformed, your whole appearance would change. You know that little protrusion on the top-front of Mega Man’s helmet? When you changed weapons, it was supposed to change like the Ninja Captor character’s helmets, and show a little symbol depending on the weapon’s element (fire, water, lightning, etc).

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