what's your weakness
Anything ice-related. 'Cause I live in tropical areas and hate the cold.
Rebound Striker.

Because every time I use it, I'm reminded that I used to play sports, and every time I played sports, some sort of ball would end hitting me in the face. Or somewhere much worse a bit further down, because my luck with flying projectiles is horrible and they love to take the most unlikely of trajectories just to lay me on the ground like I was a human patty on a large, spacious grill.

I'm not apologizing for how little sense that last part probably made.
You were expecting something witty down here? Scroll your eyes back up there!

Bloody amateurs...
My weakness is Flame Sword
Because I'm a piece of wood.
Flash stopper

I hate bright lights and a million watt would legit murder me outright
Mood 24/7:

Me: Ha look I got a new record on this stage!!

two minutes later

Someone else: beat ya by 50 seconds

Black Hole Bomb, is basically a black hole.
Hm... This is a hard question.

My Anima Man would probably be weak to any Electric and Magnetic Moveset.
Harvester Man would be weak to Oil Slide and any Fire based Moveset.

DarklordSeregUr is weak to any sort of Light Damage and personal tragedy. A fun weakness is against anything that's incredibly cute ( like Baby/Kid Papyrus from the Undertale Fanbase XD )

Me? I am weak to good RPG Games and Retro. Also japanese food. I love japanese cooking x3
I'm weak to Laser Trident.
(16-05-2017, 07:11 AM)Wave Wrote: Metal Blade.

It's everyone's weakness.
Unless you're Crash Man, who can inexplicably deflect them despite dying to a single Air Shooter (if angled correctly) and taking damage from Bubble Lead. Smile

I would say Super Arm is my weakness. I really wouldn't want a Guts Block the size of a van smashed against my face at 100 mph. Then again, I wouldn't want to be blown up (Hyper Bomb, Crash Bomb, Drill Bomb, Napalm Bomb, Danger Wrap), attacked by snakes, scissors, needles, claws, missiles, acid rain, giant fists, tomahawks, spears, razor sharp rings, giant stomping mechas, force beams, fire beams, electric beams, lightning, flying blue spiny shell of doom, bananas, literal star crash, drowning, being fished out, 6th place... er, what just happened?
Quick Boomerang, I am a rather slow dude and hate being rushed.
Right now? Well...
I'd have to say...

This girl I know,
with a frozen heart.

She will kill me,
if it won't thaw out.
Every fire weapon. Because boy let me tell you, IF THERE'S ONE THING I HATE ABOUT LIVING TOWARDS THE SOUTH IT'S THE HEAT. In addition every ice weapon heals me.
Programming a thing, ba da baa, programming a thing, ba da baa...
Wait, are we allowed to show strengths too?

Well, Time Stop and Flash Stopper can heal me then .
I don't mind being healed by Plant Barrier. Get some revenge on the guy who thinks he can heal off of me!

I'll also take the healing from Repair Beam.

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