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Cream's Adventure
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Cream's Adventure
This is actually part of a mythos I made written for over 6 years already.

But If I put down my entire mythos here it'd be a really long post.
Essentially these are stories involving the Cutezomes, an alien species as old as Earthlings. They were first conceived by primordial beings when they first saw Earthlings committing a mortal sin(Cain killing Abel).

Cutezome technology grew faster than Earth technology had now made it a mission to watch over all other sentient races(especially Earthlings) and to quell any sort of extinction threat to their own races.

[Cream's Adventure]
Timeline Position 2010 - 201X, Earth Time.

Two Youths and Their Responsible chauffeur adult. Go to Earth to do research work and attempt to integrate the youths to Earth society.

Inside High-speed Transport Craft

Cream: Are we there yet?
Kichona: You've been asking that since last week- we've entered atmosphere a few minutes ago and will arrive shortly at the base in 30 minutes.
Crator: *looking through window* Huh. It is similar to home.
Kichona: Only that it lacks the regenerative feature of our planet.

In the distance, a spherical object approaches their craft on its flanks.
Something protruded to the side of the spherical object.
And in a moment's notice it launched at missile.

It hits their craft on the passenger cabin. Cutezome aircraft can still operate even with this damage, however there's large hole at the passenger cabin.

Co-Pilot: Attention Bird's Nest. We've been hit. I repeat. We've been hit.
Bird's Nest Control Tower: Roger. We'll prepare the repair team on your landing. Are the passengers alright?
Kichona: This is Kichona on the emergency line. I want a scan of the craft that just hit us! No-one is badly hurt here.

And then a loud clank echoes across the passenger hall. Something has attached to the craft. A spherical metallic object has latched on the hole made by the missile. It extends its robotic appendages and crawls into the craft.

It launched one of its appendages on Crator and grapples him.
Cream was quick on her feet to immediately have the robot let go of Crator.
She desperately pulls out her pocket knife and stabs the sphere fruitlessly.

Cream: Let go of him, you!
Kichona: Cream! Watch out!
Cream: Eh?

A gun was pointed on Cream's arm. The robot went full auto with its machinegun.
Bullets don't typically kill Cutezomes. But that doesn't mean it stops the pain. She faints and falls on the floor.

Kichona went up to her a pulled Cream to safety as the robot leaves the craft.

Kichona: That thing... It looks like a Cutezome combat drone.
Kichona: *looking at Cream's Arm* oh.... Cream...

More than 30 minutes later

Cream: Hmm... C-Crator... Mmmm... *gasp* CRATOR! Uh. W-where am I?
Kichona: We're at the base.
Cream: I had this dream where Crator was abducted by robots and-
Kichona: Well...
Cream: What?! *notices metal whipping on her left arm*
Cream: What did you do with my arm?
Kichona: Your arm is in this jar! And uh, it looks like cheese. So I had to graft a temporary replacement due to your regeneration being slower than me or Crator's. It'll take a week for the cells on your arm to heal up fine enough so that we can just reattach it to you easily.

Kichona: Anyway. You wanna save Crator, don't ya'? Well...
We've tracked the location where the drone was last seen. It's an island in the pacific ocean- from what I can gather it used to be an old Military Complex for the Earthlings.
Supposedly all of the electronics in the place was already taken away by their respective owners. But we're reading a strong energy reading coming from the deeper parts of the complex.
And with this *Kichona hands over a device to Cream* it gives me a reason to test run this weapon.
It's the Portable Omni-variable Weapons System. It scans objects until it identifies it and save a memory of the schematics of that object, and at will of the user can emulate the function of that weapons system. It also acts a radio transmission for comms to here, okay?

Cream: Well, I guess it's time to lock and load.

At the supposedly abandoned military base.

Cream finds no-one is there. However there are robots clad with armor painted to look gold and drone patrolling all over the place.
As Cream fought/sneaked passed the obstacles she was faced with...

Cream: Crator! I thought you--
Crator(?): Eliminate! Threat imposed! Eliminate!

Cream cannot believe this but was scared off.

Cream: And then there was a robot who knew Crator's name... and...
Kichona: I see. Thank's for the visual of it thought, I will study these know.

Kichona: However, while you're wating, You can take on these 9 subtle locations with automatons going out of whack.

Cream: Let's roll.
06-01-2017 04:13 PM
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