Quote:As for "I wanted to play a megaman game, not a joke.", MaGMML2 is generally rather light-hearted, and this is a game where:

You fight a glass of milk as a boss
Plug Man only exists to make a joke about a "shameless plug"
Most of the entries (including my own!) have in-jokes
One judge used comics to judge levels where there's not much to judge
The true final boss can be beaten by doing nothing

And most of the memes used in the game did leave a bad taste in my mouth. Especially to be greeted by a recolor riding an out of place sprite after a tiring, nausea inducing autoscroller section. That just felt like a gut punch.
Yeah I don't want people to be binded by NES limitations in fangames, but mixing 16bit and 8bit sprites has always been a pet peeve of mine since the Bob & George days.

Granted I do enjoy the lighthearteness, but it can sometimes go too far.
Comedy is subjective yeah, but I do find something like Future wearing a McWilys uniform and getting angry about you seeing him like that acceptable, but fighting a glass of milk or a frankenstein of Elec, Frost and Woodman to be out of place.
I know they are references to other games and I am probably being too serious, but it's just how I feel. The game is well put together that it could pass as an official game...and then those moment take me out of it.

Quote:By that logic, you should have quit playing after Tier 1, because why play the rest of the game when you could automatically tell by the Tier 1 levels that the rest of the game was going to be the same quality as Tier 1?

Except I can skip Tier 1 altogether and not play a single of those stages. If I wanna get to the good fortress stages, I have to play all of them.

Granted, I was a bit too harsh by lumping all fortress stages together, but there were just too many things irking me about the ones I played and the way the Wily Star II interupts the game.

Here I was going through the tiers, reading NPC comments and such and then bam, suddenly plot. I know I could ignore the fortress and continue playing the other tiers, but the NPC text changes at that point and the only way to get it back is to play the fortress stages.

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I get the criticisms that Blackhook is making, but with this game's title being "Make a Good Mega Man Level", I think it would be safe to assume there would be some silliness/meme jokes thrown into the mix.
Ok, played the other fortress stages.
Stage 3 (I count shmup as stage 1) - low ceiling jumps...that's all I remember and hate... oh right and a face was not terrible.
Stage 4 I liked the switches gimmick throughout the stage, really enjoyable stage. 3 Bosses may have been a bit much but their patterns were predictable enough.
Stage 5 No offense but fuck you who made this. This had a cool idea but it went on too long, the rooms were too trial and error. THe rush jet in this game is not good enough to be used for dodging challenges. You had to stand in the perfect spot for the mega arrow. if you stood too close to the tip, you would hit the elec wall, if you stood too much back the arrow would fly without you. Fuck the wire part. THe timing is too precise so you end up getting hit a lot. Using Sakugarne to get to the top of a room was interesting, tho I couldn't pull it off without getting hit, the sakugarne section was ok. ....and then a forced jetski segment and WTF why is the stage still going...
THe boss was ok...but why are three bosses just faces?
Stage 6 Ace, you did good. THough when I read the text prompt that said magnets ahead, I expected Quin't revenge magnet gimmicks. These ones weren't that bad, if I bit weird to get used to. Sevenforce was a cool fight, tho Lobster and Sakugarne are a but too chaotic for my tastes.

Final stage:.....I gave up. I am sorry I collected three elements but I couldn't go on. My hand hurt, the checkpoints were too far apart, and just no, it went on too long. it started out nice, with short snippets of official stages, I beat Holomech dragon and then the stage continued...
Then suddenly Iwanna be the guy stage and other stages, then a Match man with different attacks...oh and insta death lasers because fuck me I guess. And then it went on and on and on and...I gave up
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