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Oh, No! Where Did We Go Wrong? (In Regards To Mega Man Fan Games)
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RE: Oh, No! Where Did We Go Wrong? (In Regards To Mega Man Fan Games)
(Today 01:00 AM)Mick Galbani Wrote:  
(Yesterday 10:50 PM)Lionheart261 Wrote:  Okay, seriously, has anyone beaten the current build of Quint's Revenge? Can someone please tell me how to beat Wily Fortress 2? I have tried literally everything possible within the game's physics to bypass this one magnet puzzle halfway through it, and it appears to be impossible.

Have you checked any of the more recent Quint's Revenge video playthroughs? They won't be perfect guides for how to beat those sections, but you'll definitely find information in there.

I'd try to give more direct advice, but it's been ages since I've played that level, and QR1 isn't completely my cup of tea even if I do generally enjoy it.

I can't find any recent ones. All the ones I've found are of the original build where Wily 2 was much shorter. I suppose I can give it another go, though.
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