Quint's Revenge - First Public Release
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RE: Quint's Revenge - First Public Release
Found a couple of things after my runthrough of the game:
-The chickens in the fortress stage (I don't remember which one, but I believe it was the last stage) don't jump when they're near you. Threw me off since the ones in Wood Man's stage (here and in MM2) did. Not sure if this was intentional or not.
-In the final stage, where you encounter the first purple met, it fired its rocket and I dashed onto the next screen with it right behind me. It didn't disappear, but came with me to the next screen instead of vanishing.
-If I reset the game, any music that was already playing keeps playing while the "Sprites Inc. Presents" text is on the screen.
-Once after beating the intro stage and exiting out of the save section, the screen went black and the Stage Select never loaded, and the Save music kept playing. I've been unable to replicate this, but I'll mention it if it pops up again.

Fun game, though! The difficulty wasn't bad at all, and it felt pretty authentic (as authentic as you can get when you're not playing Megaman himself). The final boss fight was trippy in a good way, the clock in the final stage that synched with your computer was a nice touch, and I got a good laugh at the Boobeam Trap miniboss.

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