Quint's Revenge - First Public Release
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RE: Quint's Revenge - First Public Release
I found some more bugs:
-The rabbot in the section with the atomic apples followed me to the screen beside it when I drop down from the above screen with the bubble bats.
-The enemy shoot sound constantly played when I died past the Tamas. I'm assuming it came from them.

And some nitpicks:
-Orbinauts and their spikes should move slower, as they weren't that fast in the original game they came from (with the exception of Launch Base).
-The enemy shooting sound effect is incorrect. You used a teleportation sound instead of the enemy shooting sound. Play Mega Man 2 and you will hear what I mean.
-The top mini tama can still be easily taken out with the magnet missile.
-The hot dogs can still be taken out easily. I don't see why you didn't fix it, considering that it should be easy. Add a block where the player can crouch at for the first hot dog, and add a reflector met for the second.
-Anything that uses the Mega Man 3 explosion effect should use the sound effect as well. It seems more natural and it is what the official Mega Man games do.
-The penguins eggs should explode if let alone for enough time similar to Mega Man 3.
-Pipis should respawn in a certain area, similar to Mega Man 2.
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