Quint's Revenge - First Public Release
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RE: Quint's Revenge - First Public Release
I got to watch the second-half of Marc 'n Zan's race... and they discovered and/or rediscovered some interesting glitches:
- *New* The lives still use two numbers in Wily Stage 4.
- The penultimate boss still fires upward if you die to its second form. (Already noted elsewhere.)
- *New* If you beat the penultimate boss and then lose all your lives, once you continue, the game puts you on the final stage.

Also, Zan had some suggestions that might be interesting...
- More disappearing/reappearing blocks!! Since the game currently has none. (Magnetman, Needleman, and Wily Final in Mega Man II GB had popping blocks.)
- Magnetman's attack pattern is too close to his original. Zan suggested making him fire Magnet Missiles while using his Magnetic Field move. Or something like that.
- And of course, both Zan and Marc agree that Sakugarne should be a weapon/utility item, though given how it works now, I'm not sure how that'd go. It was kind of terrible in Mega Man II GB.

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