Quint's Revenge - First Public Release
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RE: Quint's Revenge - First Public Release
-Build 29 Bugs/Glitches-

1) In Wood Man's stage during the fall themed portion. If you climb up the ladder (leading to the 4 weapon energy capsules) and fall back down, the Robbit comes over from the previous screen
2) Quint's teleport animation continues to play when you pause while teleporting into a level (when you unpause he'll have landed on the ground).
3) The bees that the Have "Su" Bee spawn can still follow you up the ladder at the start of hard man's stage (there is also a later part of the stage where they appear again and the same thing can happen).
4) The Wily logo above Top Man's boss doors uses a glitched palette (using the force beams palette, flashes like them too).
5) Pickelman Bull Spawn/De-Spawn glitch I think I killed it just as it went off screen but the bottom part of its body stuck around, and the wheel of course is still animated (you can still take damage from it and your bullets bounce off of it as usual).
6) Wily Stage 1 Blue Devil boss door gllitch - seems to only occur when jumping though the middle of the door. Jump too high or walk through the door and it keeps you in the room.
7) Wily Stage 3 Me Gado boss door glitch - at least it keeps you in the room this time.
8) Pausing while being teleported (boss rematch capsules) causes the game to replay the teleport animation again (you can keep repeating this until you let the animation fully play). This also works after beating a boss (rematch phase only, doesn't work any other time, I think).
9) In Wily Stage 6, at the part with the blue Hammer Joes, the glitch with the ice projectiles spawning multiple instances seems to be fixed. However, there seems to be a new glitch to replace it here. The ice projectiles can follow you through the screen transition if you fall down, as well as up (screen transitioned when an icicle was just below me, it disappeared in the transition, I got hit by nothing when the screen finished transitioning).
10) Quint's after-images still appear if you dash as you jump into the Time Skimmer after beating Wily.
11) Your projectile can follow you though the boss door transitions, (the pause for the boss intro, but continue moving when that's over) allowing starting hits. Sometimes (such as the Fortress bosses) you can hit them before their into even starts.


Quint's movement, specifically the dash has been greatly improved. You definitely have more control of it now.

Fixing being able to move before a boss intro starts will fix several of these bugs. If Quint is locked in place, you can't do stuff like the boss door glitches.
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