Quint's Revenge - First Public Release
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RE: Quint's Revenge - First Public Release
Incoming problems I have with the game. Nothing game-breakingly major, but just some things I think should be improved.

#1) For starters, the dash has a lot of problems. You have to hold down the dash button to keep your dash in mid-air, and you can start dashing in mid-air after you're already in the air. This is way different from Mega Man X where once you start an air dash, you can let go of dash and you will keep your momentum, and starting a dash in mid-air just doesn't feel right to me. It's not bad per-say, but I often find myself getting a little messed up by it sense I'm so use to the way it handles in Mega Man X. And I think the way it handles in MMX feels better, though that's just my opinion.

#2) You can't stop your movement while dashing in mid-air. If you want to stop while dashing in the air, you have to let go of dash in order to stop all of your speed, or else Quint keeps going forward regardless if you're holding down a direction or not. This keeps tripping me up, and is giving me bad flashbacks of Sonic 06 *shudder*. It's yet again different from Mega Man X, and I think that it would be better if dashing only increases your movement speed in the air instead of canceling out normal movement in favor of just making quint uncontrollably move forward quickly in whatever direction you're facing. And also, have dashing speed be constant after dash-jumping off the ground even if you let go of dash, and make it impossible to initiate a dash mid-jump (unless it's an air dash ala MMX). I think that would be great.

#3) Another thing is that when you get hit while dashing, you will pick up your dash again after your stun frames finish. This often find this throwing me right into danger. It is, once again, different from Mega Man X in that X's dash stops after getting hit, and you have to let go of dash and press it again in order to dash again.

If you're going to take something from a Mega Man X game and put it into a setting similar to Mega Man X, then you should probably copy the mechanics of what you're taking. I mean why fix what isn't broken?

Those 3 are just my opinion though. Who knows, I might get use to the dash, but I think it would be better if he just controlled like X instead. X just feels more polished, and I feel like you have more control over X's movement than Quint.

#4) This next one is not just my opinion though. You can initiate a dash by just quickly tapping forward after letting go of it, instead of having to double tap it. Why is this bad? Because precise platforming, that's why. I let go of forward so I stop moving, and then quickly press it again once, and then I dash into a pit. Just brilliant.

#5) Here's a glitch. The mini-boss in metal man's stage keeps playing its SFX of when its sucking its body parts back up when you kill it while its sucking its body parts back up.. It's a minor annoyance, but it's still odd.

#6) The ice section at the end of Wood Man's stage feels very out of place. I can understand the water section, but just a random ice section out of nowhere like that in a wood-themed level is just strange.

#7) The Metal Catcher is a blatant rip off of the Spark Gauntlet from Mega Man Rock Force.

If I have any more problems with this game, I'll be sure to say them here.


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