Quint's Revenge - First Public Release
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RE: Quint's Revenge - First Public Release
-I Found a few bugs-

Boss Door Shutters:
1) If you go through them and hold left (sometimes you have to jump as well) you get stuck behind the shutters and have to reset the game. (I first found this in Needle Man's stage at the Met Miniboss, tested elsewhere and it seems to be a problem for all the shutters.)
2) If you touch the shutters but stop holding right to go through them, they go up but you don't get sucked into the boss room. You are free to stay in the previous room until you actually walk through the doorway.
3) You are able to jump during the door transition.

1) The bees followed me up the ladder and into the next screen at the beginning of Hard Man's stage.
2) I died to the first moving vertical spike wall in Needle Man's stage (the part where you have hide behind the glass) by it being all the way to the right and I tried to drop down quickly. I died, but the camera still scrolled to the next screen before restarting me at the checkpoint.
3) The double-tap forward dash is a single dash, while the quick dash is infinite.

I beat the game now, and have some more bugs to report.

1) In Wily Stage 2 the grasshopper enemy committed suicide on the spikes at the beginning of the level.
2) Falling into a pit while using the pogo stick continues to drain it's weapon energy, even though you are dead.
3) Dying while being carried by the magnets/moving platforms causes the camera to continue to follow the magnet/platform (not exactly a glitch, but it looks kind of weird).
4) You can double KO the frost walrus in Wily 2 (all bosses for that matter), but it still counts as you winning.
5) You can pause during a boss intro, however their life still fills up, and the fight immediately starts when you unpause.
6) Pausing while being teleported (boss rematches) causes the game to replay the teleport animation again (you can keep repeating this until you let the animation fully play). This also works anytime the teleport animation is played (beating a stage/boss and the boss rematch capsules).
7) Double KO during boss rematches lets you win and teleports you back to the main area twice (first just the camera, since you are dead, then again for your respawn). And as stated before, the boss is still counted as dead.
8) In Wily Stage 5 the enemies that come out of pits and the blue hammer joes had a projectile malfunction a couple of times (not sure what caused it, it seemed to be random, but it happened more than once). Their projectiles spawned so many instances at once it formed a line of bullets across the entire screen.
9) During the Wily Stage 5 Boss fights, after beating form 1, if you jump through the screen transition Wily will fire projectiles at you before the boss intro starts.
10) As others have noted, the lack of invincibility frames for bosses makes them go down too easily.
11) In Wily Stage 5 after the checkpoint, you are climbing upwards and fighting blue hammer joes. At the second one there is a ladder to its back. If you dash jump just right you land on the platform of the next screen (it doesn't scroll though). I was about to reset until I tried pressing down, this caused the screen to move up to Quint, and I was able to continue play.
12) With good timing you can pause just as you die (using an E-Tank doesn't bring you back to life though).
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