Current Fixes for next version:
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Current Fixes for next version:
* The game will sometimes pause for a brief millisecond when loading sounds. This is due to a bug in the MMF sound engine and I cannot do anything to fix it.
* Telly Head. This "bug" is so hilarious I'm not even going to try to fix it. Also shows how small Quint's hitbox when ducking really is.
* Skipping the intro stage by loading a save file - The intro stage was a very late addition to the game in an attempt to explain the mechanics and the save file wasn't really built to accommodate it. So, I'm leaving this one in, intentionally.

Will be adding things to this thread as I fix them, just to help keep track of what i've done.

Game Changes:
* Added Options screen in place of the "Exit" on the main menu, you can now change various settings such as volume, screen size, starting lives, and whether or not double tap dash and down + jump dash are enabled.
* Quint's buster rate of fire speed has been increased slightly.
* The item drop rate has been changed.
* The Weapon Switch icon now vanishes when you transition screens in an effort to look more professional.
* The ending is now fully implemented.
* Disabled the various Debugging commands on certain screens.

Level Changes:
* Needleman's spike blocks have a better visual cue as to what part of them isn't safe.
* Hari Harry's now do 4 contact damage instead of 6.
* Removed some rather pointless Spikes in Needleman's stage.
* Needleman's spiked wall segment is now easier.
* Made minor changes to Metal Man's level layout. Removed a pit and added some stepping blocks in some places.
* Metal Man's molten metal gimmick is no longer insta-kill.
* Mine Cart Riders mine carts now explode when the rider is killed.
* There are more power ups placed around the game to compensate for the lowered item drop rate.
* Changed Blue Devil's weakness to something more practical.
* Removed the first spiked wall in Wily 3 so dash jumping is now safe in the first spiked wall room.

General Fixes:
* Items that start off placed in stages should now correctly spawn in their proper places.
* Fixed the game's soft lock if you get hit and pause at the same time.
* The controller is now detected on menus.
* Controller input now detects the double tap dash.
* Diagonals on non-Xbox controllers are now detected.
* Diagonals on Xbox controllers dpads are now detected.
* Weapon Energy is restored properly if you Game Over.
* Sniper Joes,Mets and Mecha Monkies should now de-spawn properly with screen transitions.
* Atomic Apples now pause when the game is paused.
* Up N' Downs now pause when the game is paused.
* Fixed a buggy platform in Air Man's level.
* Hopefully fixed the lag caused by Blue Devil's main attack.
* Hopefully fixed the lag caused by Wily Stage 6.
* Hopefully fixed the bug wherein the player gets stuck in the "Jumping" pose when he lands on the floor and unable to move. I'm unable to replicate the bug at a moments notice, so actually testing this "fix" is tough.
* Hopefully fixed a glitch that caused you to fly out of Airman's boss room. I've not seen the glitch since I implemented my "fix" so hopefully this ones fixed.
* Wily Capsule's cameo in Wily 5 is now coloured correctly.
* The game no longer soft locks if you get a game over against Wily Capsule.

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RE: Current Fixes for next version:
Changes for version 26+

Game Changes:
* Change Metal Man's Metal Catcher's damage to 4.
* Removed after images on screen transitions and boss defeats.
* Created a joypad control remapping screen.
* Added background elements to Metal Man's stage.
* Lives do not drop from enemies whilst playing with infinite lives. Additionally there are no placed 1ups in stages while playing with this option.
* Added Joseph Collins to the Credits under "Beta Tester".

General Fixes:
* Removed the Intro Boss's projectiles after it's been killed.
* Big Metool can no longer shoot after it's been killed.
* Ice Buster's projectiles are removed upon it's death, and fixed a bug that involved it firing off rapidfire projectiles upon its death.
* Metal Catcher's ammo is now displayed correctly on the pause screen.
* Changed some level design in Wily 3 to remove the opportunity for the player to jump above the camera boundaries.

New Todo List:

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RE: Current Fixes for next version:
Versions 28 & 29 changelist.

Game Changes:
* The entire soundtrack has been replaced by the wonderful Joseph Collins.
* The boss theme is now read from the OGG folder, rather than an internal file, so if replacing music is your bag you can now replace the boss theme.
* The walls in Wily 1 and Wily 3 stay destroyed if you destroy them and die, like the actual games.
* Needle Man has had his hit invulnerability corrected. He now actually gets some!
* Double Tap Dash and Down + Jump Dash are being disabled by default. Just remember, the settings for these are in the options screen!
* Just a minor aesthetic thing, but the lives counter only shows 1 digit now, rather than 2, as it could lead people to believe you could gain more than 9 lives.
* Joseph Collins replaces the original music credit list with... well, Joseph Collins.
* Samario, Darksamus993, Ztnk, GoldwaterDLS, Murphmario, The Stove Guy, and DoommanFTW have been added to the credits in thanks for their bug reports.
* Quint's dash has been recoded to be less, well, slippery. You now stop when letting go of the dash function and double tap dash and down+jump dash now continues on if you hold the buttons down.

Level Changes:
* A Hard Knuckle wall has been added next to the E-Tank in Needle Man's stage.
* Removed a pointless ladder in Needle Man's stage.
* Removed a pointless Changkey in Metal Man's stage.
* One of the jumps in Clash Man's stage is significantly easier now.
* The Presses in Metal Man and Wily 6 now have spikes on their chains, to make it more obvious they hurt. I know this is a change from the original graphics in MM2, but it's caught enough people out it's worth changing the art for.

General Fixes:
* Setting lives to 0 and entering the intro stage no longer automatically kicks you to the game over screen. Furthermore, lives actually work correctly in the intro stage and you only goto the game over screen if you die on 0 lives. FURTHERMORE, the game over screen now correctly does not allow you to select "Stage Select" as an option if you Game Over on the intro stage.
* Hopefully fixed a menu screw up that involved the menu not being able to open. I can't replicate this glitch, so I'm listing this as "hopefully fixed".
* Pausing the game whilst a boss health bar is filling pauses the health bar fill. You can still pause, because I figure players could do with somewhere to pause when they encounter a boss and want to change weapons.
* Re-coded the boss corridors and shutters from scratch, making them a lot less glitchy, and functional like the original games. Specific things fixed: You no longer can open the door without entering it, you can no longer walk backwards through the shutting door and get yourself stuck on the other side, the left boss door in the boss corridor is now solid all the time.
* You can no longer turn round during most boss screen transitions. I'm pretty sure I've tested all of them at this point.
* Jumping through Metal Man's and Magnet Man's boss doors no longer makes you "stick" in the air as the boss does their intro.
* Your hitflash is disabled upon beating a boss, thus fixing the "disappearing Quint" glitch after beating a boss.
* Magnet Missile now homes in correctly on the Needle Man mid-boss.
* Changed some level design in Wood Man's stage that could cause you to become stuck.
* You should no longer be able to stand atop Hot Dogs in Wood Man's stage.
* Fixed an animation bug involving Top Man's force beams.
* The camera no longer follows Quint's "Corpse" when he dies.
* Fixed it so it's no longer possible to get stuck in a boss rematch chamber after using Clash Blaster.
* Re-coded the cannon enemies to fix glitches involving them.
* Chibees should no longer be able to follow you through screen transitions.
* Mecha Kero's should no longer be able to follow you through screen transitions.
* Pausing the game now pauses the Air Tiki horns.
* Hopefully fixed a projectile glitch involving Ice Joe and the New Up N Downs. I can't replicate this glitch, so I'm listing this as "hopefully fixed".
* Hammer Joes and Ice Joes now despawn correctly when leaving the screen vertically.
* Changed some level design in Wily 6 to remove the opportunity for the player to jump above the camera boundaries.
* Wily no longer shoots you during the screen transition in Wily 6 if you jump during said transition.
* Beating the game, and then starting a new one now resets your lives to what-ever you've set your starting lives to, rather than what you ended the game on.

EDIT: Aanndd posted as TestUser by mistake. Whoops.
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RE: Current Fixes for next version:
WE HAVE A REPLACEMENT SOUNDTRACK - Now I just have to get cracking on fixing what people have found tomorrow.
Expect a new version in a couple of days or so.

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RE: Current Fixes for next version:
A couple of notes:
* A few people have queried that certain weapons make certain sections easier. Well, using weapons to make things easier is kind of the point. If a weapon makes something super easy/is super effective - it's intentional. And where it wasn't intentional, I'm leaving it as is, because honestly, I do not mind there being helpful "exploits" against certain segments.
* As for some of the other reported bugs, I've fixed what I can. Some things are either things I have no idea how to fix, or can't actually replicate in the first place.

Versions 30 to 36 changelist.
Game Changes:
[Image: Ry7toIr.png]
* The Charge Shot ability has been added. This is a new game + feature, and you have to beat the game first in order to unlock it.
* The save system has been modified to account for whether Charge Shots are enabled or not. This is a per-save thing. Pre-existing saves will default to "Regular Mode".
* Save game is now mapped to the same buttons as Quint's Revenge 2, which is START to save, and JUMP to exit.
* Quint's Dash now continues through screen transitions like it does in Quint's Revenge 2. This should make the speed runners happy at least.
* The Energy Balancer from Quint's Revenge 2 has been added.
* Changed aspects of the stage select. (Thanks Stove Guy!)
* Added an option to enable minor items like health pickups and weapon energy to re-spawn after death in the options menu.
* The sound effects have been all made the same volume.
* Certain fortress bosses now have invincibility frames, which basically doubles their life expectancy. Others are retaining their lack of hit invincibility in order to not make the fights last an obnoxiously long amount of time.
* You can select E-Tanks on the menu by using the Start button.
* The Pause Menu now makes a chirp when the game is paused.
* As a general rule, most of the bosses have been made harder in some fashion. Not to any extremes, but enough to actually offer some sort of challenge.
* The generic enemy shot sound is now the correct sound effect.
* Hitting "L and R" at the same time now defaults to the Buster. I cannot believe I did not have that coded into the game.
* Made the player death and boss death explosions prettier.
* There is a new boss added to the game. Have fun!

General Fixes:
* Added an option to disable the NES fidelity shader, this will mean the game no longer looks like a NES game, but does fix the "Grey" graphics some people have been experiencing. I'd use the launcher that Revolution has, but alas, Quint's Revenge hates the thing, and there's nothing else I can do to it.
* Going to the load game menu, exiting out, and starting a new game, actually starts a new game properly rather than booting you to the Wily stages. A similar bug in regards to E-Tanks has also been fixed.
* Magnet Missile no longer homes in onto enemies that aren't actually on screen. (Oops?)
* You can no longer use an E-Tank whilst your energy is being filled from using an E-Tank. No more accidentally using two of the darn things!
* You can no longer unpause the game whilst an E-Tank is filling your energy.
* You can no longer pause the game whilst your weapon energy/health is being re-filled from a item pickup.
* You can no longer pause the game when teleporting.
* You can no longer pause the game during boss introductions.
* Getting a double KO against a boss should longer result in your victory... outside of the Boss Rematch chamber, which matches the behaviour of the official games. This one's kind of hard for me to test consistently actually, but from what tests I have done, this issue should now be resolved.
* The camera no longer bugs up when you die in the free scrolling vertical segments. Additionally enemies no longer fire into the sky whilst you're dead, and continue to fire at your previous location.
* The music is killed upon resetting the game.
* The screen resolution should now be at a pixel perfect ratio on most machines now.
* Any issues of enemies and/or projectiles following you through screen transitions should be now resolved.
* Walking off a ledge where there is a ladder now displays the correct falling animation.
* Disabled a few leftover debugging commands that were left in the game.
* Muting the music no longer mutes the other sounds. Er.. whoops. Sorry!
* Sakugarne's weapon energy is no longer drained whilst the game is paused.
* Trying to switch weapons on a controller now works correctly.
* The initial control setup screen takes into consideration whether or not you are using a controller.

Intro Stage:
* Quint no longer gives the hint for Hammer Joe.
* Fixed an issue where it was possible to backtrack in the level with Sakugarne.
* Fixed various sound and placement issues with the Fire Trap.
* Added an additional health item. (LOL)
* Dokuro can no longer drop items when you destroy one of his hands.
* Dokuro now has hit invincibility frames.

Needle Man:
* Harri Harry now falls off platforms at a much faster speed.
* Magnet Missile now correctly homes in on Big Metool.
* Needle Man has had both a buff and a nerf. He no longer waits around as long as he used to between movement patterns, but no longer gets the random invincibility he got when using his "needle rain" attack.

Air Man:
* A fairly popular speedrunning "glitch" has been ascended into a feature, and no longer requires you to die in the process. I found this one so funny I had to keep something like it in the game.
* Air Man's carpet in the first "Building" of his stage is no longer a solid object.
* Air Man has been buffed, the time between his attacks has been reduced.
* Altered Air Man's positioning when he crosses the room, so his Air Pipi attack no longer bugs up.
* Up N Downs are no longer complete and total dicks. Just "sort of" dicks. But not the complete asses they were before.
* Air Man's Air Shooter patterns are now correctly inverted when he crosses a room.

Hard Man:
* Hard Man's been buffed, he now no longer stuns himself when he hits the floor, and his earthquake effect lasts longer.
* This stupid thing should've been fixed.
* Chibees have been slowed down.
* Have "Su" Bees are no longer as massive asses as they once were, and their tendency to gang up on you has been drastically decreased.
* Cart Riders are now completely destroyed if successfully shot in their heads.
* Cart Riders now have 2 hitpoints in their carts, and can be shot down without having to shoot their heads.
* Cart Rider speed is reduced to 0 upon falling off a cliff, and only resumes when it hits the ground, this is behaviour common to a lot of Mega Man enemies and makes the first one you encounter much easier to deal with at least.

Wood Man:
* Made minor changes to stage layout to prevent the possibility to be launched inside an enemy during the fight with the Hot Dogs.
* Wood Man's Leaf Bomb buggy throwing arc has been fixed.
* The Leaf Bomb now continues to behave correctly even if the player is dead.

Metal Man:
* Changed Big Blocky's graphics. (Thanks Joseph Collins!)

Top Man:
* Mecha Kero's no longer get shunted into the floor by a obvious amount when they land anymore. They don't always reset to the top of the platform, but it's now only a pixel in the floor rather than several, which is a definite improvement. This is about the best I can do, because I officially give up on these guys.
* Twin Tamas no longer respawns if you die after the checkpoint.
* Fixed a positioning error with the force beams that spawn to the left.
* Vertical force beams now pause with the game.
* Top Man's been buffed, his top spin move now rebounds off the wall. Additionally the safe spot that was in the battle has been removed.

Clash Man:
* You can now tell apart the Metall Dispenser drops Mets and which drops bombs now.
* Clash Man no longer has a buggy shooting routine, and actually fires his Clash Bombs in your direction whilst next to a wall.
* Clash Man's Clash Blaster attack now hits you instantly, rather than relying on collision with the little explosions he creates.
* Clash Man's Crash Bomb now hurts you when it hits.

Magnet Man:
* The Power Magnets no longer pull you around whilst you're dead.
* Mag Flys no longer pull you around whilst you're dead.
* Buzz (Mid Boss)'s hitpoints have been increased from 11 to 15.
* Buzz's hitflash now includes every piece of him, rather than just the main body.
* Magnet Man has been buffed, he has gained a new attack and his polarity pull also lasts longer.

Wily 1:
* Blue Devil's boss door no longer lets you back through it if you double back on yourself.
* Additionally your controls are disabled correctly after entering the door.
* Blue Devil's spawned orbs do not continually create explosions as they are being destroyed.
* Added an additional set of animation frames to Blue Devil's orbs.
* Blue Devil no longer fires one of his shots before fully forming.

Wily 2:
* I'm not sure if this'll actually make a difference or not, but I noticed I was using an unfinished version of the Power Magnets in this stage. They've been updated to use the finished ones from Magnet Man's stage.
* Harri Harry now dies to the spikes.
* Extended the stage significantly. Basically doubled in length.
* You should no longer be able to get a double KO against Ice Buster.
* Your controls are disabled correctly after entering the boss chamber.
* Ice Buster now has hit invincibility frames.
* Ice Buster's invincibility frames now look a whole lot less awkward.
* Toned down how much damage Ice Buster does with his projectiles, holy crap that was a lot of damage.
* Toned down the Ice Buster battle in general. This is one of the few bosses to be made easier by this update.
* Fixed a really stupid bug where Ice Buster would reactivate off-screen after a game over. Stupidly coded boss. >.<
* Wily 2's early layout has been modified to be easier to account for the increased stage length.
* Compared to previous builds that had the longer stage in, the stage itself is overall a lot easier now, and there are fewer roadblock enemies and enemies in general.

Wily 3:
* No idea why Jamacy's sometimes refuse to spawn. Despite my best efforts there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the lack of respawning. This one is unfortunately not fixed.
* Modified one of the screen transition areas to remove the possibility of you getting launched in the ceiling.
* Me Gado's boss door no longer lets you back through it if you double back on yourself.
* Additionally your controls are disabled correctly after entering the door.
* Me Gado now has hit invincibility frames.
* Me Gado now does no contact damage as he is dying.
* The Giant Metool skip has been removed. Sorry speed runners!
* Hopefully fixed a softlock involving pausing at the moment Me Gado dies. This ones a bit hard to test.

Wily 4:
* Getting a double KO against a boss in the boss rematch chamber no longer causes you to "teleport" twice in succession.
* Getting a double KO against the last boss in the rematch chamber no longer causes you to get stuck.
* As far as I can tell, you can no longer jump after a entering a boss teleporter, this prevents a softlock against Needle Man.
* Air Man no longer keeps blowing you around if he is defeated whilst blowing Air Shooter towards you. Ditto with Magnet Man and his magnet-pulse pushing you around if he died at the same time.
* The Clash Blaster no longer kills an off-screen spawner in the boss rush stage. This should prevent a glitch that could cause you to get stuck in an unlikely circumstance.
* Fixed bugged up menu, due going through teleporters after pausing during the dying animation of Me Gado in the previous stage. (To coin a phrase, !?!?)
* Fixed a couple of soft locks, and an infinite re-spawning explosion, which also softlocked the game.
* Moved some weapon energy into the Boss Chamber.

Wily 5:
* Wily Machine X2's hook now explodes rather than fades out. Looks much more authentic.

Wily Station:
* Minor changes have been made to enemy layout in spots to be less obnoxious.
* Warped Monkings have their bugged shooting code... working again. These things are now officially annoying!
* Warped Monkings can no longer clip through the floor.
* Warped Atomic Chickens now resemble Dr. Robotnik.
* Defeating Wily World Machine 2 and then dying no longer skips you directly to the Time Skimmer fight.
* The Time Skimmer has been overhauled, and is now much, much harder, as befitting a Wily Capsule. You still get to continue at the Time Skimmer if you game over though.
* The possibility of the Time Skimmer launching one of it's attacks as soon as the fight starts has been removed.
* Changed some of Time Skimmer's damage values.

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RE: Current Fixes for next version:
Fixes for Version 36d:

Main Menus
* Hopefully fixed an issue involving the cursor moving you regardless of whether you asked it to or not, if you had a Xbox controller plugged in.

Clash Man
* Doors should hopefully stop softlocking you in.
* Fixed a memory leak in Clash Man's stage. This one somehow went unreported for years and was only found yesterday. Weird!

Wily 2
* Fixed a broken ladder.

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