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Pod Cast 1 Download
Filesize: 35meg Length: 1 hour 20 minutes
Downloads: 1452
Topic: Mixed bag and very much "winged it", we discussed upcoming events on INC, opinion on Megaman story-lines and how most fangames get the concept of the series wrong, and Rhythm's current frustration at the Archie series.
Pod Cast 2 Download
Filesize: 18meg Length: 37 minutes
Downloads: 807
Topic: In this cast I talk about Mega Man 5 for the Gameboy, and I talk about how what is already a excellent game, could've been stellar.
I also discuss how a remake of the game could actually work.
(My apologises for the awful pun above.)
Pod Cast 3 Download
Filesize: 40meg Length: 50 minutes
Downloads: 1093
Topic: Forum member Lamda Bamda discusses his thoughts on Megaman Storylines and Game Design in general, a few do's, and many don'ts.
* NOTE *: This Podcast contains uncensored cursing.
Pod Cast 4 Download
Filesize: 12meg Length: 18 minutes
Downloads: 1250
Topic: Speakers ACE_Spark & Lamda Bamda give information about companies using takedowns and blocks of Megaman and other Game Content on Youtube to make a profit, without Capcom's permission or approval. Give this a listen and help us get the word out. .
* NOTE *: This Podcast is now fairly out of date, and the issue is long since resolved. Thank you for your help!
Pod Cast 5 Download
Filesize: 12meg Length: 14 minutes
Downloads: 1347
Topic: Speakers ACE_Spark, Rhythm and Blackmore Darkwing take on questions posed by the community regarding the fangame Megaman SIBRE.
Pod Cast 7 Download
Filesize: 20meg Length: 28 minutes
Downloads: 741
Topic: Speakers ACE_Spark & Rhythm talk about the upcoming Mega Man cartoon, and about the upcoming Legacy Collection.
Pod Cast 8 Download
Filesize: 96.46 MB Length: 1 hour 45 minutes
Downloads: 1115
Topic: Rhythm and Lamda discuss some known fan theories regarding the Mega Man canon and franchise.
Pod Cast 9 Download
Filesize: 54 MB Length: 39 minutes
Downloads: 1299
Topic: A recap of some of the events in 2015. Includes talk about Legacy, Mega Man Revolution, Eternalgate and the Mega Man Comic.
Pod Cast 10 Download
Filesize: 42 MB Length: 45 minutes
Downloads: 408
Topic: Here we talk about the upcoming Man of Action Cartoon, reminisce on the Ruby Spears cartoon, and jointly try to wipe the Japanese OVA from our memory.
Pod Cast 11 Download
Filesize: 70 MB Length: 43 minutes
Downloads: 631
Topic: A few days after the last podcast, BREAKING NEWS ABOUT THE NEW MEGA MAN CARTOON! Ace and Rhythm discuss the most recent interview and our thoughts on what they mean.
Pod Cast 12 Download
Filesize: 60 MB Length: 70 minutes
Downloads: 901
Topic: ACE answers questions sent in by the userbase of Sprites INC. Topics covered include the fan projects such as Revolution, Quint's Revenge, Mega Man likes in general, food, and furries. Oh. Oh dear.
* NOTE *: Due to the nature of this podcast, this Podcast contains uncensored cursing. All questions sent in were answered and some of the questions sent in were rather crude in nature.

The Sprites INC Podcast Player

So, want to listen to our Podcasts, but lack the software to do so?
And are you sick of dedicated programs to listening to Podcasts coming bundled with all that ad-ware crap most free-ware stuff likes to bundle itself with now-a-days?

Well, here is a simple solution to that problem:

This program does exactly one thing and one thing only: It loads Mp3s (or OGGs) - and keeps track of the position of that file when closed down. Reload the Mp3 later and pick up your podcast where you left off!
That is it, and that is all the program does. It's all it needs to do.

I was pretty amazed by the sheer lack of the existence of such a program (or at least one that wasn't bundled with crap up the wazoo), so here, have one on me:
Get it here. (700kb)

Happy listening!

Current release supports .mp3s, .ogg and .aif file-types.

We've' got the download listed on C.Net, so reviews on the program would be appreciated!
C.Net Link

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