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Get useful little pieces of software coded by the site staff! Admins ACE_Spark and Rhythm (and anyone else whom we can drag into this) natter on about anything to do with Mega Man. (And some things that aren't.) In this section you'll find cheat codes and savestates for various Megaman titles.
Sprites Inc Games

Until we can get the websites for the games up again, we will only be providing download links.
High scores are functional again! Feel free to submit them!
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Boss Rush Games
Mega Man Christmas Carol Remix Mega Man Christmas Carol 2
A remake of the original flash Mega Man Christmas Carol! The highly anticipated sequel to the Christmas Carol game!

Full Games
Quint's Revenge Quint's Revenge 2 MM Revolution
A full game featuring everyone's favorite timeline-breaking paradox! Fight against Wily's forces as you prove you are still relevant!
(Current Build: 1.0.29)
Another game featuring said paradox. Apparently once was not enough.
DEMO:(Current Build: 0.0.09)
An onset of Evil Energy has sent robots on a rampage! Power up your Mega Arm and join forces with Bass as you fight to contain the outbreak
NOTE:This is the final original build prior to Inc taking over the project. This will be different from the ongoing project.

Miscellaneous Games
Quint's Bomb Rush
Flash Game: A time-waster starring Quint. Avoid the bombs and stay alive as long as you can!
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