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Timebreakers is a sprite comic created by Ndraxian0 (also known as Terminal Devastation). The comic follows the story of Morph Man, a no-name Reploid from the X era who is transported back in time to the Classic era.


The earliest form of Timebreakers was initially thought of when Ndraxian0's only knowledge of Mega Man was Mega Man 2-4, Mega Man II, Mega Man X and the Ruby-Spears cartoon. It primarily consisted of a shape-shifting Maverick named Morph Man who gained powers due to a time travel accident that trapped him in the Classic era and along with Break Man, fought the evil "Suit" (a character developed from an author-created Doc Robot) to stop his rather cartoonish plots. Part of these early scripts included Roll dating Vile, as Ndraxian0's favorite character had to hook up with the favorite girl. Down the road, Ndraxian0 discovered Bob and George and found that he could share this concept with the world. But this required bringing it in line with all the other Bob and George clones, minus jokes and tropes that didn't mesh with the story. An example of this would be changing Needle Man from a drug addict to a cop. Expanding on this were some parodies of official games, plans for jokes with each page, set-ups for future jokes, and including a strange "Bass" character that Ndraxian0 knew very little about except that everyone shipped him with Roll.

Expanding on the premise of Morph Man as a Robot Master, Ndraxian0 set out to create the strongest set of Robot Masters he could think of, which included a token female Robot Master and a Robot Master with a unique weapon (Grapple Man). To ensure that his comic would stand out beyond the other clone comics on Bob and George, Ndraxian0 started to include the actual stages of the game parodies rather than the direct Robot Master fight. It was considered an untapped idea for early Mega Man sprite comics and something that he could capitalize on.

As knowledge of the Mega Man canon grew, Ndraxian0 started to blend his comic with the official sources. As new games were learned of, they became part of the plot as best as possible. Ideas that were initially thought of as canon but weren't were cut or altered to make room for the canon. One-off gags and their implications within Timebreakers were expanded upon to create semi-interesting side arcs.


  • Mega Man: Built by Dr. Light to be a lab assistant but rebuilt to be a super fighting robot. Now with years of experience under his belt.
  • M0RPH-M4N "Morph Man": Maverick time travel test robot who gained copying and shape-shifting when a time portal collapse fused his being with X's buster and Zero's Z-saber. Took on the name Morph Man and works for Wily because the high robot population around Wily's fortress is more confortable for the Reploid. Surprisingly good at psychiatry for robots, to the point where he founds the field. Also has a prankster streak in his personality.
  • Roll: The swiss-army knife of housekeeping robots and Mega Man's sister. From sweeping and vacuuming to spraying for bugs and summoning ice resurfacing vehicle she can meet many of the theoretical housekeeping needs Dr. Light could think up for her. A bit of a coward. Currently dating Vile after the maverick rescued her from some humans that were trying to bust her up for parts to sell on the black market.
  • Vile: Maverick general. More or less loyal to Sigma at this point, his former total obsessive personality severely tempered now that he's dating Roll.
  • Bass: Mega Man's rival, and, as Roll's ex-boyfriend, Vile's rival in love. He is mostly obsessed with being better than Mega Man, not just only combat but in most areas. Bass still pursues Roll out of a need to get the girl in order to be the best.
  • Nocturne: Female robot master built by Wily with dream manipulation abilities. Called Dream Man instead of Woman as dreams themselves don't necessarily need to make sense. Due to a programming oversight by Wily, she doesn't immediately recognize Mega Man without his helmet on, so when she first encounters Mega Man, she ends up dating him rather than attacking him on sight. Her Master Weapon dubbed "Nightmare Shock" can cause those affected to experience their worse nightmare for a short moment and deals more damage the more advanced an AI a mechanical being has, but it has a weak base damage, and is harmless to humans.

Comic Structure and Style