Quint's Revenge 2 - War of the Gems

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Quint's Revenge 2 - War of the Gems
Quint's Revenge 2 Title
Quint's Revenge 2 Title Screen

Quint's Revenge 2 is a game in production by Sprites, Inc. The game yet again stars Quint. Despite the title, it is not a crossover with Steven Universe.


This game is intended to take place during the unknown future period of the timeline.


Middle Bosses

Name Stage
Spheroboss Abandoned Wily Base
G Wanyudo Sapphire Fire Man
Kaeruoss Hyacinth Gemini Man
Snake Titan Amethyst Snake Man

Robot Masters

Model No. Name Weapon Weakness
GEM-001 Sapphire Fire Man Volcan Burst Sonic Boomerang / Dream Twins
GEM-002 Ruby Elec Man Surge Binder Snake Commando
GEM-003 Emerald Quick Man Sonic Boomerang Time Wrap
GEM-004 Crystal Flash Man Time Wrap Bang Twin
GEM-005 Hyacinth Gemini Man Dream Twins Surge Binder
GEM-006 Amethyst Snake Man Snake Commando Volcan Burst
GEM-007 Turquoise Toad Man Bang Twin Drill Splasher / Surge Binder
GEM-008 Topaz Drill Man Drill Splasher Dream Twins

Fortress Bosses

Stage Name Weakness
???? Compass Man Volcan Burst / Snake Commando

Sub Weapons

Weapon Weapon
Copipi Swarm Needle Crusher
Hard Slam Metal Catcher
Leaf Bomb Spinning Top
Magnet Chaser Clash Blaster
Quint's Revenge 2 - War of the Gems
Playable Characters
List of Robot Masters
Sapphire Fire ManRuby Elec ManEmerald Quick ManCrystal Flash ManHyacinth Gemini ManAmethyst Snake ManTurquoise Toad ManTopaz Drill Man
Other Bosses
Dokuro Mk 2
Special Weapons
Volcan BurstSurge BinderSonic BoomerangTime WrapDream TwinsSnake CommandoBang TwinDrill Splasher
Secondary Weapons
SakugarneCopipi SwarmHard SlamLeaf BombMagnet ChaserNeedle CrusherMetal CatcherSpinning TopClash Blaster
List of Enemies
- Sub-bosses -
SpherobossG WanyudoKaeruossSnake Titan