Megaman's Christmas Carol Remix

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Megaman's Christmas Carol Remix
Megaman's Christmas Carol Remix Title

Megaman's Christmas Carol Remix

In this remake of the original Flash game, controls have been improved, boss AI redone and made both fairer and more difficult, and the entire things been rebuilt from scratch with the Christmas Carol 2 engine!

In addition there are achievements and 10 possible endings.


Get the game at the link below:
Version 1.2.9


Robot Masters

Charles Dickens No. Name Weapon Weakness
CDN-000 Jacob Marley Marley's Shackle Present Surprise
CDN-001 Past Past Minion Marley's Shackle
CDN-002 Present Present Surprise Past Minion
CDN-003 Future Future Scythe Past Minion

Fortress Bosses

Stage Machine No. Name Weakness
Stage 1 -10b SNO Miser Past Minion
Stage 1 101 HEAT Miser Future Scythe
Stage 2 Mystery Machine 1.5 Duff Cannon Twins Past Minion/Own Weapon
Stage 2 Mystery Machine 1.5 God Santa Gamma Mega Buster


Short ranged whip-like weapon. Can be used to grab items. Very quick and effective.

Explosive weapon. Can be walked into a kicked across the room. Can also be jumped upon and used to reach heights.
You can release another one whilst still in the air and bomb you enemies from up high!

Multi-directional weapon that returns to you once it's hit it's target, potentially getting multiple hits in the process.

Allows you to summon one of the four following Robot Masters to fight for you:
Skull Man - (Spread Shot)
Wood Man - (Leaf Shield)
Solar Man - (Solar Flare)
Venus - (Bubble Bomb)
Press up to change the current Robot Master selected.

The following are unlocked through a cheat code after you have successfully beaten the game on hard mode, see the Christmas Carol 2 page for more information on these:


  • So What If It's Cheating

Find a way to obtain the E-Tank in Jacob Marley's stage through unconventional methods.

  • Busting Makes Me Feel Good

Defeat all 4 Mini-Bosses in Past's stage before defeating Past.

  • Hidden in the Clouds

Find the hidden W-Tank in Present's stage.

  • Anyone for Tennis?

Defeat Future using only the Protoshield.

  • Countdown

Defeat Future before the timer runs out.

  • More Snow For the Snow Miser

Defeat SNO MISER using only the Protoshield.

  • Yoink!

During the final boss battle... Yoink!

  • Item Hunter

Obtain every item possible in a single run.

  • Christmas is Saved!

Beat the game on Normal or higher.

  • Hardcore Bomber

Beat the game on Hard or higher.

  • You've got to be joking!

Beat the game on Wut.

  • Trusty Sidecannon

Beat the game only using the Buster. (You can still use Present Surprise during Fortress 1).

  • You Only Live Once

Beat the game without dying.

  • He's not Heavy

Beat the game with Protoman on Hard or higher.

  • I'm afraid of no Ghosts

Version 1.5 only: Complete Robot Rush mode without using a E-Tank.


Each fight in the game comes with a Medal ranking, which are as follows:

  • Plastic - Simply beat the boss.
  • Bronze - Beat the boss using just the buster.
  • Silver - Beat the boss without taking damage.
  • Gold - Beat the boss with just the buster without taking damage.
  • Dragon - Beat the boss on Hard or higher, with just the buster, without taking damage.


Download the soundtrack here.

Megaman's Christmas Carol Flash & Remix
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