Mega Man Revolution

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Mega Man Revolution
Mega Man Revolution Title Screen
"Once again the world was at peace, it had been months since Dr. Wily last attacked. Dr. Wily has attacked the world several times over with his crazy schemes of world domination. But this peace would be short lived once again..."
―Intro for Mega Man Revolution

Mega Man Revolution is a game originally being developed by Mike Crain, who passed the baton onto Sprites, Inc to finish it off.

The game features 8 new Robot Masters for the player to take on, and stars Mega Man and Bass as playable characters. Mega Man playstyle in this game is unique as he maintains the Mega Arm upgrade first seen in the Game Boy game Mega Man V.


The game most likely takes place after Mega Man & Bass. As shown in version 5.0.6 of the game's opening scene

The world had been at peace for many months following Dr. Wily's latest attack. But suddenly, eight of Dr. Light's own robots suddenly start acting strange and running amok. Dr. Wily had corrupted these robots with Evil Energy, last seen in Mega Man 8. A strange new scientist named Dr. Nikola Remir offers his assistance to Dr. Light, having been studying the effects of Evil Energy for some time, and helps to upgrade Mega Man to fight against the corrupted Robot Masters. Bass also sets out to stop Dr. Wily's latest scheme.

After defeating four robot masters, Mega Man/Bass returns to Light's Lab to learn from Remir that this new strain is stronger than previous ones, though Dr. Light, in contrast to his partner, is optimistic that a cure can be found.

After defeating all of the robot masters, Dr. Remir finds the Skull Castle in India by tracking down its high concentration of evil energy. However, Remir warns that this particular Evil Energy is more like a virus. Dr. Light wonders what Wily could be planning, but Dr. Remir seems to have no answer.

Eventually, Dr. Wily is bested, however, He is attacked by an energy blast and seemingly killed, before Dr. Remir reveals himself to be the real mastermind behind the conflict. Annoyed by Wily's failure, he declares his intention to release his evil energy into the atmosphere, and challenges Mega Man/Bass to stop him.

Upon returning to Light's Lab, Light informs Mega Man/Bass that all of their research had been stolen by Remir. Mega Man/Bass then reveals what transpired at Skull Castle, causing Dr. Light to reassure them that he understands, and implores them to stop Dr. Remir's mad schemes.

Utilizing a submarine, Mega Man/Bass manages to find Sondebar Base deep within the Atlantic Ocean, tearing through its myriad defenses to confront Dr. Remir. After defeating him, he scoffs at their efforts, declaring that he doesn't plan on giving up, commenting offhandedly about a family reunion in Alaska he has to attend, but his gloating is silenced by the floor beneath both him and Mega Man/Bass exploding, sending them both plummeting into the depths.

When Mega Man/Bass reaches the bottom, Dr. Remir is no where to be found, however, they discover a disturbingly organic landscape obviously tainted by evil energy, with twisted monsters strewn about. Undisturbed, they charge onwards, receiving the Ion Blade from Proto Man soon after finding their weapons to be useless, and eventually discovering Dr. Remir in the deepest part of the chasm, whom transforms into a grotesque alien to perform one last stand.

During the fight, he captures Mega Man/Bass with his telekinesis, before going on at length about his motivations. He reveals that he is a remnant of an alien society who had accidentally created, and was wiped out by, evil energy, the byproduct of their machines and waste. Bound to the Evil Energy, he sought out a world that he could infect as a testbed for evil energy, so he could better understand and eventually eradicate its infectious nature. However, Proto Man arrives and mocks his naive beliefs, angering the alien enough to prepare another attack. Proto Man manages to get off the first shot, killing Dr. Remir and ending his threat.

In Mega Man's ending, Mega Man ponders whether the battle is truly over, with Proto Man then arriving, having escaped as well. After a long run to Dr. Light's lab, Mega Man arrives home to a relieved family, and reveals the truth about Dr. Remir, to Dr. Light's shock. Not long after, Dr. Light finds another high concentration of evil energy in space, and Mega Man decides to destroy it all himself.

In Bass's Ending, Bass returns to Dr. Wily's lab to discover that Wily had survived, after this, Bass reveals Dr. Remir's true nature and his intention to wipe out the Evil Energy, to Dr. Wily's amused surprise. After Bass departs, Wily reveals that he still has a few leftover samples of Remir's energy, intending to conquer the world with it, however, Bass quickly returns and destroys them, before mocking Wily as a fool for not recognizing his superiority. Afterwards, Proto Man arrives to destroy what little Evil Energy remains, and apphrehend Dr. Wily, taking a moment to thank Wily for creating the Ion Blade.


Middle Bosses

Name Stage
Ghullkin Ghost Man / Wily Stage 5
Twister Sister Sand Man / Wily Stage 4
Red Beam Trap Blast Man / Wily Stage 3
Buoy Boy Storm Woman / Sondebar Stage 3
Breaken Pyre Woman / Sondebar Stage 5
Electro Gunner Saw Man / Sondebar Stage 2
Marine Joe Brigade Sondebar Stage 6

Robot Masters

Serial No. Name Weapon Weakness
FIN-001 Ghost Man Acid Bubble Storm Chaser
FIN-002 Sand Man Sand Shield Iron Saw
FIN-003 Pyre Woman Fire Seeker Sand Shield
FIN-004 Blast Man Sound Blaster Wild Sprint
FIN-005 Cryo Man Ice Beam Fire Seeker
FIN-006 Haste Man Wild Sprint Ice Beam
FIN-007 Saw Man Iron Saw Acid Bubble
FIN-008 Storm Woman Storm Chaser Sound Blaster

Fortress Bosses

Skull Castle:

  1. Big Slammer / Tawa Konchu
  2. Gaton Me
  3. Yellow Devil MK-III
  4. Punch Boy
  5. Reaperbot
  6. Wily Machine and Wily Capsule R

Sondebar Base:

  1. Blue November
  2. Mechanahand
  3. Kraken G
  4. The Amalgam
  5. Doppelganger
  6. Remir Robot
  7. Dr. Remir

Removed Bosses

  1. Defender
  2. Big Fish

Secondary Weapons

Stage Mega Man Weapon Bass Weapon Proto Man Weapon
Ghost Man Rush Coil Treble Boost Dark Mace
Sand Man Rush Jet Bass Grenade Drill Remote
Pyre Woman Beat Scatter Inferno Oxy Thrower
Blast Man Nova Pulse Star Spiral Sidewinder Twin
Cryo Man Tango Racing Zapper Shatter Orbs
Haste Man Shotgun Wind Cutter Ground Bomb
Saw Man Rush Marine Reggae Carry
Storm Woman Tri Missile Destructo Laser Break Eraser

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