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Make a Good Mega Man Level
Make a Good Mega Man Level
Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 Logo
"They started out as Mario contests, in both SMW and SMBX. One day I was drunk enough to be all like "hahaha let's do that but with mega man!!" and the rest is history."
―SnoruntPyro on the contest

Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest 2, or MaGMML2 for short, is the much more ambitious sequel event to Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest, once again ran by SnoruntPyro. Like its predecessor, the premise of the contest was to build a Mega Man-style stage in Game Maker in an engine filled with premade assets. Unlike last time, WreckingProgram's Mega Engine, used with Game Maker 8.1 rather than 8.0, was used, and a team of programmers including The Stove Guy, Renhoek, ACESpark, Entity1037, and SnoruntPyro was assembled to build the devkit, allowing for a vastly expanded array of assets and a far more stable engine in general. The engine was made public unlike last time and boasted nearly every asset from the classic first six Mega Man games and then some.

The contest was judged by SnoruntPyro (the host of the contest), JupiHornet (a moderator of the SMBX forums), Enjl (an active member of the SMBX forums and friend of Pyro), Garirry (active member of Sprites Inc. and participant in Mega Man Endless), and ACESpark (owner of Sprites Inc., confirmed furry and possibly British). When the contest's submission period came to a close, the final total was 81 levels, just over four times the amount of entries from the original contest.

The submission period closed on February 19th, 2017, with an extra nine days where users could submit levels late for a penalty to their averaged score (however, none ended up affecting anyone's score). The game was compiled and put together in a good enough state for Mega Man player Flashman85 to stream the results once again on May 20th and 21st, 2017. The game bosts a much larger hub than the previous one, featuring an actual festival with carnival-y tents and numerous skyscrapers and buildings by Dr. Light's Lab.

While the game has yet to be fully completed, the entry portion of the game has been streamed publically by Flashman85.


The game begins with exposition from Dr. Light about the nature of the festival and how much bigger it is than |the first festival. The contest nature of the game is made clear by Dr. Light as he explains the various submissions as 'simulations' submitted as tributes to Mega Man in a celebration of the 30th anniversary since his first victory against Dr. Wily.

Due to the unfinished nature of the game, the rest of the story has yet to be revealed.


Gameplay is obviously like a typical Mega Man Classic game, with quality of life additions like quick weapon switching, a slide button, a charging up progress bar, and input display. Like MaGMML1, eight weapons were voted in to be Mega Man's default arsenal, along with four utility weapons. The main goal of each stage is to get the Energy Element (or multiple of them) at the end of each entry, and getting enough Energy Elements will, like MaGMML1, unlock Wily's Castle and a slew of other bonus features. There is also a new collectible similar to Dragon Coins from Super Mario World, the Noble Nickels. There can be up to five in any stage, and collecting certain numbers of them and taking them to Knight Man will grant numerous rewards. Also returning from MaGMML1 are purchasable upgrades and costumes, but now they are much larger in number.

Like its predecessor, each level is placed in a tier based on how high of a score it got and a hub world is used to connect them all. The hub world is much bigger than in MaGMML1 thanks to the larger number of entries, and there are also other important buildings to visit besides the tiers, like the Dojo, which houses the Arenas, and Chataeu Chevaleresque, a pub run by Knight Man where many NPC Robot Masters hang out like Dr. Light's attic from the first game.

Not all upgrades and costumes have been revealed quite yet. Things are also subject to change.


Weapon Original Robot Master Original Game
Flash Stopper Bright Man Mega Man 4
Slash Claw Slash Man Mega Man 7
Jewel Satellite Jewel Man Mega Man 9
Hornet Chaser Hornet Man Mega Man 9
Triple Blade Blade Man Mega Man 10
Wheel Cutter Nitro Man Mega Man 10
Grab Buster Mercury Mega Man V
Sakugarne Quint Mega Man II
Rush Coil N/A Mega Man 3
Rush Jet N/A Mega Man 4 Variant
Wire Adapter N/A Mega Man 4
Super Arrow N/A Mega Man 5


Upgrade Effect Cost/Unlock Condition
Energybalancer.png Energy Balancer If you have the Mega Buster or a fully charged weapon equipped, excess energy will be distributed to the weapon with the lowest ammo. Default
Chargeupgrade.png Charge Shot Upgrade Upgrades the power of Mega Man's charge shot to be larger and deal 4 damage to everything except for custom submission bosses. 300 Bolts (Eddie's Shop)
Shotupgrade.png Uncharged Shot Upgrade Allows Mega Man to shoot unlimited uncharged buster shots onscreen at a time. 150 Bolts (Eddie's Shop)
Dropupgrade.png Drop Rate Upgrade Makes enemies drop items more often (# in 600 chance reduced to # in 400). 450 Bolts (Eddie's Shop)
Skullamulet.png Skull Amulet If Mega Man has at least two health points left and gets dealt a fatal blow, Mega Man will survive with one health left, allowing him to recover with an E-Tank, etc.. 250 Bolts (Eddie's Shop)
Methelmet.png Met's Helmet Drastically reduces knockback to around the levels of Rockman 4 Minus Infinity's. 600 Bolts (Eddie's Shop)
Converter.png Converter Forces enemies to drop health pickups if you have full weapon energy and vice versa. If you have full of both, enemies will drop Bolts. 200 Bolts (Eddie's Shop)
Hubfasttravel.png Hub Fast Travel Upgrades your Exit Utility to have a special menu that allows you to get around quickly to any visited tier in the hub. 35 Noble Nickels (Chateau Chevaleresque)
Energysaver.png Energy Saver Halves the cost, essentially doubling the ammo, of all of Mega Man's Special Weapons. 80 Noble Nickels (Chateau Chevaleresque)


Costume Cost Unlock Condition
DLN001Rock.gif Mega Man N/A Default
SWN001Bass.gif Bass 100 Bolts Default
DLN000Blues.gif Proto Man 150 Bolts Default
DLN002Roll SIBRE.gif Roll 200 Bolts Default
Here comes a special boy.png Cut Man's Bad Scissors Day 300 Bolts Bring 50 Noble Nickels to Chateau Chevalresque.


Stages with a * next to their name are skippable.

Tier 1

Stage Name Creator Score
Snow Man * CoinMaster 3.0
Cardinal Man * Rbade 5.2
Quirky Unconsistent Incomprehensible Nonsensical Track alex9000 7.2
Mix & Match Zaealix 9.0
The Fall Willhart 9.2
Ancient Tomb NinjaUmbreon 10.4

Tier 2

Stage Name Creator Score
Wily Tower Shidy 11.6
Airflow Hubble * Concord butterfly 13.4
Yggdrasil * Zatsupachi 15.2
Rush City quazcake 15.8
Gigavolt Man ThatOneEnder 17.2
Dragon Lab Lair Natnatgaming101 18.6
Colorful Hall Chingoku 19.2
Something Original IcyTower 19.8

Tier 3

Stage Name Creator Score
Chomp Man * mabskmk 20.4
SMB3 * lizardcommando 21.4
MegaLondo * Lamda 22.4
Combust Man Peterdun 22.6
The Dampening liquafool 22.8
Taco Man SchuSlime64 23.0
Candy Panic adrian09_01 23.4
Forgotten Fortress * BBLIR 23.6

Tier 4

Stage Name Creator Score
Alien Temple BizzareIdeaMan 24.2
Joe Destruction Co. TheYellowGrinch 24.4
Neon Man CreshMan 24.6
Jungle Base TheMegaFan19XX 24.8
Orbital Station * RadzPower 25.0
Shovel Knight Dylan Labiuk 25.4
Poorly Named Level * Yoshiatom 25.6
Enhanced Mobility Trainman2177WS 25.8

Tier 5

Stage Name Creator Score
Holy Crap, Mega Man Can Airslide? ParmaJon 26.4
Maze of Significantly Less Death MiniMacro 26.6
Volcanic Furnace GameTrooper 27.0
Elec Dam m9m 27.4
Quint Stage Quintboi 27.6
A Mega Man For All Seasons Z-Saber 28.2
AD 2101 awd42 28.4
Starman Recreation Koreyblue 28.6

Tier 6

Stage Name Creator Score
Wily Coaster Primepasta 28.8
Changeable Caverns TheMartianGeek 29.0
Joe Man Zieldak 29.2
Crystal Lab Schmidkalkan 29.4
Nitrogen Man MugMan 29.6
Duwang QuestMark 29.8
Lava Factory DuckSalmon 30.0
Just an Ice Level Pachy 30.2

Tier 7

Stage Name Creator Score
Biplane Bay tobyjoey 30.4
Blaze Man WanNyan 30.8
Gunpowder Cellar Mysterion-svin 31.0
Cursor Curse TheRetroDude 31.2
Cossack's Other Citadel Big Fish 31.4
Fortified Lab GransveldHakase 31.6
Spiky Situation 128-Up 31.8
Ruined Lab betasword 32.0

Tier 8

Stage Name Creator Score
But It Lacked the Depth to Convince Me That This is Really Hell Phoba555 32.2
Force Man Cosmic Gem 32.8
Smed's Big Annoying Mess of a Level Smedis2 33.0
Conveyor Mayhem Thoron 33.6
Aurora Man SpoonyBardOL 34.0
City Under Siege gone-sovereign 34.6
Escape Sequence Doctor Novakaine 35.0
Bond Man TheSkipper1995 35.8

Tier 9

Stage Name Creator Score
Misty Lake notencore 36.8
Donut Observation Center LobsterKing 37.6
Rad Gravity Renhoek 37.8
Sector Upsilon 6 M Jacquelinae 38.0
Truffle Man lung_ 39.0
Mount Sabre Kunosachiaka 39.4
Guts Man's Asteroid Flashman85 40.0
Sheriff Man Cruise Elroy 40.6

Tier 10

Stage Name Creator Score
Boil Man MrKyurem 40.8
Komuso Temple Savordez 41.2
Launch Man & Shuttle Man Strife 42.0
Cyber Man Red Blupi 42.8
Beneath Sand and Rock The Stove Guy 43.4
Quarantine Woman NaOH 43.6
Neapolitan Man Blackmore Darkwing 43.8
Haunt Man Korby & Freeman 45.0
The Stage Nobody Asked For Entity1037 46.2
Identity Crisis Shinryu 46.8

Other Stages

Stage Name Creator Score
Bouncy Castle Beed28 Disqualified
City War qazcake (original) / Smedis2 (recreation) N/A
Twilight Lodge ACESpark N/A
Sanct Renhoek / Enjl N/A


Entry Middle Bosses

These are original bosses that are encountered during the stages.

Name Stage Weakness
Air Devil Launch and Shuttle Man Jewel Satellite / Flash Stopper
Big Fire Telly Conveyor Madness Wire Adaptor
Disco Ball Neon Man Wire Adaptor
Hall Master Quarantine Woman Sakugarne
Healthy Giant Metool Ruined Lab Jewel Satellite
Hot Dog Red & Green Rad Gravity Sakugarne
King Mush Truffle Man Sakugarne
Komuso Man 2 Smed's Big Annoying Mess of a Level Slash Claw
Mixerlydia Neapolitan Man Flash Stopper / Wheel Cutter
Mob Room Joe Man Flash Stopper
Super Cannopeller Conveyor Madness Super Arrow
Turbo Roost Launch and Shuttle Man Flash Stopper / Sakugarne
Twin Big Snakey Ruined Lab Flash Stopper / Sakugarne / Triple Blade
Warp Anomaly Cyber Man N/A

Devkit Bosses

These are the default bosses supplied with the Devkit for either editing purposes or straight placement in the stage. They were usually picked for variety in patterns and actions.

Name Stage Weakness Original Game
Cut Man Arena Only Grab Buster Mega Man
Guts Man Colorful Hall Flash Stopper Mega Man
Metal Man Quint Stage, Candy Panic Jewel Satellite / Wheel Cutter Mega Man 2
Crash Man Duwang Wire Adapter Mega Man 2
Gemini Man Arena Only Wheel Cutter Mega Man 3
Top Man Quint Stage Slash Claw Mega Man 3
Pharaoh Man Arena Only Flash Stopper Mega Man 4
Toad Man Biplane Bay Slash Claw Mega Man 4
Gravity Man Sector Upsilon 6 Jewel Satellite Mega Man 5
Plant Man Arena Only Triple Blade Mega Man 6
Centaur Man Arena Only Wheel Cutter Mega Man 6
Splash Woman Arena Only Hornet Chaser Mega Man 9
Chill Man Crystal Lab, Cardinal Man, Nitrogen Man Jewel Satellite Mega Man 10
Volt Man Cursor Curse, Poorly Named Level, Gigavolt Man, Wily Tower Slash Claw Mega Man PC
Komuso Man Komuso Temple, Wily Tower, A Mega Man for All Seasons Grab Buster Rockman & Forte: Challenger from the Future
Mecha Dragon But it Lacked the Depth, Dragon Lab Lair, City Under Siege, Sector Upsilon 6 Hornet Chaser Mega Man 2
Quint Quint Stage, Airflow Hubble, Wily Tower Sakugarne Mega Man II

Entry Bosses

(For more details on these bosses, see the List of MaGMML2 Entry Bosses)

Main Path Bosses

These are original bosses that guard a level exit in some way.

Name Stage Weakness
Boil Man Boil Man Wheel Cutter
Bond Man Bond Man Triple Blade
Boss Whopper Orbital Station Hornet Chaser / Triple Blade / Flash Stopper
Boundin' Crash Man Bouncy Castle Sakugarne
Bowser SMB3 Super Arrow / Flash Stopper
Captain Viridian Sector Upsilon 6 Grab Buster / Flash Stopper
CATS AD 2101 Slash Claw / Flash Stopper
CentiPeder Tower Beneath Sand and Rock Super Arrow
Chomp Man Chomp Man Jewel Satellite
Cirno Misty Lake Jewel Satellite
Color Man Something Original Sakugarne / Flash Stopper
Combust Man Combust Man Hornet Chaser
Crator Yggdrasil Triple Blade
Cream Yggdrasil Mega Buster
Crusher Joe Conveyor Madness Slash Claw
Cursor Boss Cursor Curse Jewel Satellite
Cyber Man Cyber Man Hornet Chaser
Doc Robot MK2 Ruined Lab Jewel Satellite / Super Arrow / Wire Adaptor
Donut X Donut Observation Center Flash Stopper
Fake Guts Duo Guts Man's Asteroid Sakugarne / Slash Claw / Flash Stopper
Final Toad Smed's Big Annoying Mess of a Level Mega Buster
Force Man Force Man Slash Claw
Groovity Man Rad Gravity Jewel Satellite
Haunt Man (Knight) Haunt Man Slash Claw
Haunt Man (Mage) Haunt Man Triple Blade
Haunt Man Haunt Man Hornet Chaser
Joe Man Joe Man Slash Claw
Kelbesque Mount Sabre Slash Claw / Wire Adaptor
Kichona Yggdrasil Wheel Cutter
Launch Man Launch and Shuttle Man Jewel Satellite
Shuttle Man Launch and Shuttle Man Super Arrow
Match Man Gunpowder Cellar Grab Buster
Napalm Man MK 2 Conveyor Madness Wheel Cutter / Sakugarne
Neapolitan Man Neapolitan Man Grab Buster / Flash Stopper
Neon Man Neon Man Wheel Cutter / Wire Adaptor
Pharaoh Man's Revenge The Stage That Nobody Asked For Flash Stopper
Quarantine Woman Quarantine Woman Grab Buster / Slash Claw / Flash Stopper
Rainbow Alien Alien Temple Hornet Chaser / Flash Stopper
Sheriff Man Sheriff Man Super Arrow / Slash Claw / Grab Buster
Spiked Wall Man The Stage That Nobody Asked For Sakugarne
Taco Man Taco Man Triple Blade / Flash Stopper
The Kid Spiky Situation Wheel Cutter / Slash Claw / Sakugarne
Top Man AS Holy Crap! Mega Man Can Air Slide!? Jewel Satellite / Wheel Cutter / Slash Claw / Sakugarne
Truffle Man Truffle Man Wheel Cutter

Optional Bosses

These are bosses that are not fought on the main level path.

Name Stage Weakness
Alter Man Identity Crisis Wheel Cutter
Air Capsule II Boil Man Wire Adaptor
Avoidance Cherry Spiky Situation N/A
Dennis Launch and Shuttle Man Sakugarne / Flash Stopper
Joe Man R Joe Man Slash Claw
Gangly Crash Man Forgotten Fortress Wire Adaptor

Other Bosses

Name Stage Weakness
Wishing Star Twilight Lodge Sakugarne

Tier Bosses

Name Tier Weakness Original Game
Milk Tier 1 Grab Buster Mega Man Square Root of Negative One
Ombuds Man Tier 2 Triple Blade Mega Man 42
Door Man Tier 3 Jewel Satellite Mega Man Rocks!
Scorch Men
(Eternal / Sunrise)
Tier 4 Slash Claw Mega Man Eternal & Mega Man Sunrise
Lord Elewoofro Tier 5 Sakugarne Dr. Wily's Final Attack
Cheat Man Tier 6 Flash Stopper Mega Man CX
Ghost of Christmas Future Tier 7 Hornet Chaser Megaman's Christmas Carol
Jet Man Tier 8 Super Arrow
Wire Adapter
Rokko Chan
Butter Nezumi Tier 9 Wheel Cutter Nezumi Man

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