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Sprites INC Wiki What is the point of this wiki? It is a Wiki for Sprites INC and the various projects it has going on, specifically the Christmas Carol series and Sibre. To get editing access, log in with your Forum account.

What's new on Sprites Inc Wiki

What are you allowed to add to this Wiki?

  • If you are involved in a project alongside other members of the Sprites INC community, you are allowed to make a page here for the game under the Sprites INC name, but it is recommended you contact either Rhythm or ACESpark first before you add your project to this wiki.
  • If you have work you are involved in being used in a Sprites INC project, you are allowed to edit and add the information for that piece of work. (For example, if your Robot Master, Character, or Organization is being used in SIBRE, you may add additional information for them on a Wiki page.)
  • For more information, please check the new additions information article.
Featured Article
Dissonance logo.png Mega Man Dissonance is a sprite comic written by community member Blackhook. The plot centers around Mega Man and Proto Man trying to prevent a group of rogue robots, led by the unpredictable Requiem, from violently taking over their city.

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