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Official art of Treble
In-Game Information
Affiliations: Dr. Wily
Occupation: Wolf
Misc. Information
Japanese Name: ゴスペル
Script: エディ
Romaji: Gosuperu
Eye Color: Red
Series Information
Official Game Appearances: Mega Man 7
Mega Man 8
Mega Man 10
Mega Man & Bass
Inc Game Appearances: Mega Man Revolution
Mega Man SD

Treble, known as Gospel (ゴスペル Gosuperu) in Japan, is a wolf-like support robot created by Dr. Wily to work with Bass in a similar way to Rush with Mega Man. Unlike Rush, Treble possesses considerable offensive capabilities to support Bass in battle. Bass can also fuse with Treble to gain wings and fly, as well as to improve his offensive capabilities.


Super Adaptor

The Super Adaptor allows Treble to merge with Bass to create Super Bass, acting like an armor that increases his strength and gives him the ability to fly and perform a flying fist attack. Unlike Mega Man's Super Adaptor, Bass has the ability to fire either a regular charged shot or a rocket punch, as opposed to just the rocket punch. It was created by Dr. Wily using the parts Bass had stolen in Dr. Light's lab in Mega Man 7, which were originally planned to enhance Rush's Super Adaptor. Bass used this in the second battle against Mega Man in the Wily Castle.

TrebleBoostIcon.png Treble Boost

TrebleBoostSprite.pngThe Treble Boost, known as Gospel Boost (ゴスペルブースト Gosuperu Būsuto) in Japan, is another Adaptor used by Bass in his fight against Mega Man in Mega Man 8. While using it, Bass can fly and fire powerful charge shots and laser beams. In the games Mega Man & Bass and Mega Man 10, Bass can buy this ability in the item shop, which allows him to fly for a limited time and fire stronger shots in three directions at the same time.

TrebleItemIcon.png Treble Item

TrebleItemSprite.pngTreble Item is an item that Bass can buy in Reggae's shop. When used, Treble appears and gives a random item to Bass, similar to Mega Man's Eddie Call.

TrebleRescueIcon.png Treble Rescue

TrebleRescueSprite.pngTreble Rescue is an item that Bass can buy Mega Man 10. It acts similar to the Beat Call, saving Bass from bottomless pits by using the Treble Boost for a few seconds.

Official Game Appearances

Mega Man 7

Treble appears as the partner of Bass, who Mega Man meets at the beginning of the game. After Mega Man tells Bass to head to Dr. Light's Laboratory and Bass wrecks the place, Mega Man discovers that Bass and Treble were made by Dr. Wily. The second time Mega Man finds Bass in the Wily Castle, Treble combines with Bass with their Super Adaptor to face him, but they are defeated.

Mega Man 8

Treble once more appears with Bass fighting Mega Man in the beginning of the game, being used similar to that of Rush Jet. He appears once more in one of the final stages, the Wily Tower, to combine with Bass and fight Mega Man, and is defeated again.

Mega Man & Bass

Treble assists Bass when he is sent by Dr. Wily to stop King.

Mega Man 10

Treble acts an an helper for Bass with the Treble Boost once more, along with Treble Rescue and Treble Item abilities.

Inc Game Appearances

Mega Man Revolution

Treble appears in Mega Man Revolution as an obtainable weapon in Ghost Man's stage while playing as Bass. It functions the same way as the Treble Boost in Mega Man 10.

Treble Marine

Treblemarine.gif In order to traverse the ocean stage, Dr. Light modified Treble to function in deep water, this form being dubbed Treble Marine. Treble Marine has rapid-fire functionality, which whilst having weaker bullets than Rush's counterparts, are fired in a 3 way spread.

Mega Man Shattered Diamond

Treble Boost is available as a support item for Bass, who gains access to the utility after completing the intro stage.

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