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Transport items are acquired weapons that are used as transport for the player. With the exception of the Magnet Beam and Super Arrow, Mega Man becomes red and white when using a transport item.


Item-1 (アイテム1号 Aitemu 1gou, lit. Item #1) is a levitating platform from Mega Man 2 that Dr. Light gives to Mega Man when Heat Man is defeated. It's possible to have three platforms on screen at once. Each platform consumes 2 units of energy.


Item-2 (アイテム2号 Aitemu 2gou, lit. Item #2) is a jet sled from Mega Man 2 that is obtained when Air Man is defeated. It can be used to pass over long gaps. Item-2 has a fatal weakness however: once summoned, it will fly forward and can not be stopped except by hitting a wall or changing weapons in the subscreen. Should Mega Man fail to jump on it in time, it will still fly away, wasting weapon energy. Once ridden, it cannot change direction either, and will still fly forward even if Mega Man falls off. Its function in the games was later replaced by Rush Jet, which eliminates all of these weakness.


Item-3 (アイテム3号 Aitemu 3gou, lit. Item #3) is a crawling platform that can be used as an elevator once it is latched onto a wall. It will change its direction once it reaches the top or bottom of a wall, or when Mega Man jumps off of it. It is obtained when Flash Man is defeated in Mega Man 2.


Mega Man using Carry.

Carry (キャリー Kyarī) is a single stationary platform that appears under the player if he is in mid-air, or slightly ahead of him if he is standing on the ground at the time of use. Proto Man uses this item in the Christmas Carol series games and in Mega Man Revolution.

WireIconMaGMML2.png Wire

Wire (ワイヤー Waiyā) is an item that Mega Man can use to attach himself to a ceiling. It's unique in that Mega Man has to look upward first before firing the weapon. Unlike many transport items, it is not required to beat any certain stage. It can also damage any enemy that may be in the path of the wire. Each shot uses 2 units of energy. If the wire adaptor is shot but Mega Man does not climb the wire, energy is still used.


Balloon (バルーン Barūn) is an item from Mega Man 4 that works in the same way as Item-1. Up to 8 balloons can be on the screen at any one time, however such a number is likely to never occur and results in severe lag and sprite flicker. Each balloon uses 2 units of energy.

SuperArrowIconMaGMML2.png Super Arrow

Super Arrow (スーパーアロー Sūpā Arō) is an item from Mega Man 5 that can be used to attack and create platforms, as it sticks to walls for a short time. It can also be ridden and used to cover distances, much like Item-2. While the energy drain is very rapid while the arrow is being ridden, it will not disappear if the energy meter runs out mid-flight (unlike Rush Jet); it will only disappear if it hits an enemy or a wall.

Proto Coil and Proto Jet

The Proto Coil and Proto Jet, known as Blues Coil (ブルースコイル) and Blues Jet (ブルースジェット) in Japan, are items that replace the Rush Coil and Rush Jet when playing as Proto Man in Mega Man 9 and 10. While they function equally to their Rush counterparts, Proto Man begins with both items at the start of the game.

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