Time Wrap

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Time Wrap
Quint with Time Wrap equipped.

Time Wrap is Crystal Flash Man's Special Weapon. Whilst the weapon fire button is held, all minor enemies on screen are immobilized and cannot attack. (This effect does not work on Mid-Bosses or Bosses) During this period, Quint is able to move about, and as he does so, places knives which are also held in place until the fire button is let go. Once the fire button is released, the knives fly off in the direction Quint is facing. These knives do significant damage to most minor enemies, as much as a fully charged shot.

Damage Data Chart

Damage values in units in Quint's Revenge 2.

4TWrapIcon.gif Time Wrap (T.Wrap)
Boss Damage
Sapphire Fire Man 1
Ruby Elec Man 2
Emerald Quick Man 6
Crystal Flash Man 3
Hyacinth Gemini Man 2
Amethyst Snake Man 2:2
Turquoise Toad Man 1
Topaz Drill Man 3
Dokuro MK 2 4

* For Amethyst Snake Man, the first value represents damage to the first form, the second value represents damage to the second form.


  • This weapon and how it is used is heavily inspired by JoJo's Bizarre Adventure character Dio Brando, and his power "The World".
  • When Crystal Flash Man uses this weapon against the player, as of post Demo 1, he causes the screen to invert in the same manner as when Dio uses his power.
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