Timber Man (BCA)

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Timber Man Mugshot
Timber Man Mugshot
Timber Man
Timber Man art by Karakato
In-Game Information
HP: 28
Attack Damage:  ???? (contact)
Weapon: Timber Throw
Weakness(es): Bass Comic Adventures:
Polarity Push
Affiliations: DrOudinLogo.png Dr. Oudin
Occupation: Timber Felling
Misc. Information
Script: ティンバマン
Romaji: Tinbāman
Designer(s): Rhythm
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Green
Series Information
Other Appearances: Bass Comic Adventures
"I will not stop until everything artificial here has been expunged!!!"
―Timber Man, Bass Comic Adventures

Timber Man (ティンバマン Tinbāman) is a lumberjack robot built by Dr. Oudin. An environmentalist at heart, Timber Man despises any unnatural creation. The irony being that he himself is an unnatural creation designed to destroy the environment. He is not shy about his strength and uses it to intimidate enemies. Timber Man uses his attached axe to hack and slash at the player. He is also able to summon a log from the ground and hack at it, causing it to split into his Timber Throw projectile. These can be targeted towards the player and travel in a straight line to where the player is at the time.

Due to the manipulation of natural waves, Timber Man is weak to Polarity Push, which is able to redirect his Timber Throw back towards him. It also causes Timber Man to lose balance during his axe swing, knocking him back and causing damage. Because of his willful manipulation of natural forces, Timber Man does not get along well with Polarity Man.

Other Media

Bass Comic Adventures

Timber Man first appears in Comic #479, A New Enemy during the Return of the Revenge arc. He, along with the other Oudin2 Series, appear in shadow form on rooftops just before Bass and Mega Man engage Rhythm. He aids in freeing Dr. Oudin from his cell before being sent to his next task. Timber Man is then found in British Columbia. He was dispatched to destroy the forest of Darkwoods, which is discovered by Bass to be a holographic projection by the Canadian Park Service. A helpful Canadian Park Ranger informs Bass and Timber Man about the history of the Darkwoods area, and how Timber Man destroyed the projector. Timber Man professes his hatred for anything artificial and disembowels Ranger Man. He then engages with Bass who promptly defeats him with extensive use of the Smelt Melt master weapon

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