Scorch Man (MME)

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Scorch Man MME Mugshot
Scorch Man MME Mugshot
Scorch Man
Scorch Man art by Karakato
In-Game Information
HP: 28
Weapon: Scorch Flame
Weakness: Tune Note (MME)
Slash Claw (MaGMML2)
Affiliations: DrWilyLogo.png Dr. Wily
Misc. Information
Designer: D.R. Page
Gender: Male
Series Information
Inc Game Appearances: Make a Good Mega Man Level 2
Other Appearances: Mega Man Eternal
"Well... Time to get warmed up, I guess."
―Scorch Man

After reviewing his old plans contained in Rush's memory, Wily created Scorch Man. Intended to be the ultimate fire-themed Robot Master created, he is equipped with flamethrowers, torches, and self-combustion capabilities. Despite being fully equipped with weaponry, he is actually quite laid-back.

Game Appearances

Mega Man Eternal

In his home game, Mega Man Eternal, Scorch Man dwells in a volcano-themed sunset stage filled with Mets, Pickelman Bulls, and one rare endangered Lava Tortoise. In the actual fight with Scorch Man himself, he behaves erratically, shooting barrages of fireballs, summoning fire pillars, spewing fire from his head, and barrelling around the room with his signature Scorch Flame. Once beaten, he will give Mega Man his special weapon, which is a pseudo-shield weapon that melts ice blocks and can shoot off two giant fireballs to the side if the player presses Shoot again. He is weak to Tune Note, Tune Woman's weapon, and his special weapon is effective against Frigid Man.

Make a Good Mega Man Level 2

The two Scorch Men, fused.

Scorch Man reappears as part of the boss fight at the end of Tier 4, the Subway. He first appears arguing with the other Scorch Man about who is the superior fire-themed robot. When Mega Man drops in, their argument is interrupted and the two Scorch Men agree that the superior robot is whoever lands the finishing blow on Mega Man.

In the battle itself, Scorch Man starts on the left side of the arena, shooting small fireballs for a bit before retailiating with his signature Scorch Flame while the Sunrise Scorch Man jumps up to launch a large fire wave. Both Scorch Men share a healthbar and are both weak to Slash Claw, though Hornet Chaser is also effective. When their lifebar gets to 1/3rd left, they stop the battle to begrudgingly agree to team up "like they were told to" and they fuse together, with Sunrise Scorch Man using Eternal Scorch Man as a jetpack. In this phase, Eternal Scorch Man launches his Scorch Flame while their divebomb is at its lowest point.

Once defeated, Scorch Man will show up at Tier 7, McWily's, away from the other tier bosses. His dialogue provides the page quote. Scorch Man is also mentioned during Sanct's rambling.

Make a Good Mega Man Level 2
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