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SIBRE S-League Promo Art

The Sprites Inc Boss Rush Extravaganza, known as SIBRE (pronounced like cyber), is a forthcoming game being developed at Sprites, Inc. The game is currently slated to be released in 20XX.

The game will be different from other Mega Man fangames in that it won't be entirely platform-based. This game will feature a Boss Rush style gaming using Robot Masters created and voted upon by members of Sprites, Inc. It will consist of four playable characters (Mega Man, Proto Man, Bass, and Roll) and various levels of difficulty similar to the Christmas Carol series.



Robot Masters

SIBRE No. Design Model No. Name Weapon SIBRE Weakness
DSN-001 WFN-??? Ordnance Man Blast Missile All Edge
DSN-002 USA-A13 Eclipse Man Eclipse Space Anchor Throw
DSN-003 DLN-05A Order Man Sword of Order* Axe of Chaos
Ruin Hex
DSN-004 DWN-50A Chaos Man Axe of Chaos* Sword of Order
Ruin Hex
DSN-005 ARN-006 Fleet Man Option Buster Polarity Push
DSN-006 SVAD-001 Weld Man Welding Fist Boxer Punch
DSN-007 WDN-??? Boxer Man Boxer Punch Drill Rapier
DSN-008 PUN-001 Tooth Woman Drill Rapier Asphalt Pave
DSN-009 SCN-800 Necro Man "Elegy" Necrotic Elegy Sword of Order
Axe of Chaos
DSN-010 KCN-006 Swamp Man Swamp Splasher Gharial Drone
DSN-011 PGN-020 Trick Man Trick Bomb Angel Shot
DSN-012 ARN-00A Asphalt Man Asphalt Pave Swamp Splasher
DSN-013 DMN-002 Devil Man Fel Bat Acid Cloud
DSN-014 CMN-013 Gamble Woman Gamble Dice Torpedo Cannon
DSN-015 ??? Plague Man Plague Vial Necrotic Elegy
DSN-016 ORN-010 Polarity Man Polarity Push Winter Chill
DSN-017 DHN-005 Rain Woman Acid Cloud Blast Missile
Positive Woman "Major"
Negative Man "Minor"
Paradigm Shift Option Buster
DSN-020 DKN-002 Gharial Man Gharial Drone Gamble Dice
DSN-021 DHN-002 Anchor Man Anchor Throw Trick Bomb
DSN-022 DEN-??? Angel Woman Angel Shot Plague Vial
DSN-023 ORN-009 Winter Man Winter Chill Fel Bat
DSN-024 RWA-003C Edge Man All Edge Paradigm Shift
DSN-025 DKN-006 Hex Man Ruin Hex Eclipse Space
DSN-026 GIN-002 Torpedo Man Torpedo Cannon Welding Fist

*Defeating Order Man and Chaos Man at the same time will yield an achievement and the special combo weapon, Sword of Balance


SIBRE No. Design Model No. Name SIBRE Weakness
SGN-001 CRD-002 Sarabande ???
SGN-002 SHI-004 Dirge ???
SGN-003 RED-α Prelude ???

Additional Weapons

During the development of the game, additional weapons were added for testing purposes and for the SIBRE "college build". Whether or not these will make it to the final game is yet to be determined.

Question Axer
Vector Flare
Heat Dash
Amethyst Blast


Similar to the Christmas Carol Series, SIBRE will have in-game achievements that can be obtained by meting certain criteria.

SIBRE Database

The game will also feature collectables that will unlock information in a database about various characters associated with SIBRE.

Sprite Gallery

Playable Characters
Mega ManProto ManBassRoll
List of Robot Masters
Ordnance ManEclipse ManOrder ManChaos ManFleet ManWeld ManBoxer ManTooth WomanNecro Man
Swamp ManTrick ManAsphalt ManDevil ManGamble WomanPlague ManPolarity ManRain Woman
Positive Woman • Negative ManGharial ManAnchor ManAngel WomanWinter ManEdge ManHex ManTorpedo Man
Other Bosses
- Guardians -
Special Weapons
Blast MissileEclipse SpaceSword of Order/Axe of ChaosOption BusterWelding FistBoxer PunchDrill RapierNecrotic Elegy
Swamp SplasherTrick BombAsphalt PaveFel BatGamble DicePlague VialPolarity PushAcid Cloud
Paradigm ShiftGharial DroneAnchor ThrowAngel ShotWinter ChillAll EdgeRuin HexTorpedo Cannon
- "College Build" -
Question AxerVector FlareHeat DashAmethyst Blast
Support Items