Rhythm (MMRPG)

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Rhythm Mugshot
Rhythm Mugshot
Rhythm art by Neo
In-Game Information
HP: 28
Attack Damage:  ???
Weapon: Rhythm Buster
Affiliations: DrCossackLogo.png Dr. Cossack
Misc. Information
Script: リズム
Romaji: Rizumu
Designer(s): Rhythm
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Purple
Series Information
Inc Game Appearances: Mega Man RPG Prototype
"Alright Doctor, let's do this!"
―Rhythm, Mega Man RPG Prototype

Rhythm (リズム Rizumu) is a character that appears in Mega Man RPG Prototype. She is a digital support robot coded by Dr. Cossack and integrated directly into the data of the prototype. Rhythm's initial function was to act as a kind of debug tool for the two doctors during the prototype's development, tweaking values and swapping parameters as needed, but recent events have forced Cossack to use her data for battle purposes instead. As a genius hacker, Rhythm excels in abilities that modify the system from the inside to alter the conditions of battle in strange and unusual ways. With abilities that allow her to swap and shuffle robot stats at will, Rhythm is both a great ally and a formidable, unpredictable foe.

Video Game Appearances

Mega Man RPG Prototype


  • Rhythm was designed to complete the assistant Trio with Roll and Disco. With Roll bearing some resemblance to Alia and Disco to Layer, both from the X Series, Rhythm was given a design and color scheme similar to the third navigator, Palette.