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In-Game Information
Attack Damage:  ???
Affiliations: DrHookLogo.png Dr. Hook
Misc. Information
Designer(s): Blackhook
Series Information
Other Appearances: Mega Man Dissonance
Requiem as he appears in MM Dissonance Classic-styled Requiem

Requiem is a robot master built by Dr. Hook as part of the Element 5 Series. He is unpredictable and dangerous. Acting with overconfident friendliness, Requiem has no qualms declaring his superiority over humans as well as destroying buildings with people still inside. He however seems to at least respect humans as the creators of robots and gives the inhabitants of the city a chance to evacuate before he’ll claim the place as his own. Not only is he a capable fighter, but he also seems to have the ability to manipulate other robots to do what he wants them to, an ability which kickstarts the events of Mega Man Dissonance. He has a speech quirk where he describes positive things as “day” and negative things as “night”.