Quint's Revenge

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Quint's Revenge
Quint's Revenge Title Screen

Quint's Revenge is a game released May 30, 2015 by Sprites, Inc. The game stars Quint, Mega Man from a future timeline that was reprogrammed by Dr. Wily and brought back to the present to destroy Mega Man in Mega Man II.


Following the events of Mega Man II, Wily discards Quint calling him a "useless piece of junk" and imprisons him inside one of his Wily Fortresses currently not in use. While imprisoned, Quint is able to break free of his reprogramming and his latent abilities as a future Mega Man reactivates. With his abilities restored, Quint proves himself to be much more capable than initially letting on. He seeks out Wily's reconstructed forces, and takes them down, before tracking down Wily in his latest Fortress.

This game is intended to take place after Mega Man II in the Classic Timeline.


Middle Bosses

Name Stage
Giant Metall Needle Man / Wily Stage 3
Raiden Air Man
Picket Claw Hard Man / Wily Stage 3
Hot Dog Wood Man / Wily Stage 3
Big Blocky Metal Man / Wily Stage 3
Tama Twins Top Man
Metall Dispenser Clash Man
Buzz Magnet Man
Boobeam Trap Wily Stage 3
Boss rematches Wily Stage 4

Robot Masters

Model No. Name Weapon Weakness
DWN-009 Metal Man Metal Catcher Metal Catcher/Clash Blaster
DWN-010 Air Man Air Shooter Leaf Shield
DWN-013 Clash Man Clash Blaster Air Shooter
DWN-016 Wood Man Leaf Shield Metal Catcher/Clash Blaster/Needle Crusher
DWN-017 Needle Man Needle Crusher Air Shooter/Spinning Top
DWN-018 Magnet Man Magnet Missile Needle Crusher
DWN-020 Hard Man Hard Knuckle Metal Catcher/Magnet Missile/Hard Knuckle
DWN-021 Top Man Spinning Top Hard Knuckle/Spinning Top

Wily Castle Bosses

Stage Name Weakness
1 Blue Devil Clash Blaster/Hard Knuckle/Needle Crusher
2 Ice Buster Hard Knuckle/Spinning Top
3 Me Gado Leaf Shield/Needle Crusher
4 Copy Quint Spinning Top/Hard Knuckle/Clash Blaster
5 Wily Machine X2 Form 1: Clash Blaster/Spinning Top
Form 2: Clash Blaster/Magnet Missile/Spinning Top

Wily Station Bosses

Stage Name Weakness
1 Wily World Machine 2 Form 1: Leaf Shield/Needle Crusher
Form 2: Metal Catcher/Hard Knuckle
Form 3: Clash Blaster
2 Time Skimmer Clash Blaster/Spinning Top


During the time of the Mega Man Revolution Robot Master Redesign Contest, Ace decided to spend his time proactively by working on a side project to make sure a new engine would work for a full-fledged game. The initial goal was to remake Mega Man II but as development continued, new twists to the stages as well as changes to the boss AI were created. With these changes came the idea of having the game star Quint in order to stand out. With abilities based on what Quint should have been, seeing as he's still Mega Man at the core.


  • Crash Man's name is intentionally misspelled as "Clash Man" due to that being the spelling seen in Mega Man II.

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