Quarry Man

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Quarry Man's mugshot
Quarry Man's mugshot
Quarry Man
Concept art by Valo
Concept art by Karakato
In-Game Information
HP: 28
Weapon: Quarry Toss
Affiliations: Dr. Dusk
DrWilyLogo.png Dr. Wily
Occupation: Earthmoving Robot
Misc. Information
Designer(s): Valo
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Blue
Series Information
Inc Game Appearances: Mega Man SD
Quarry Man's sprite

Quarry Man is a Robot Master appearing in Mega Man Shattered Diamond that guards the Eastern Quarry and Mining facilty.


Quarry Man was designed by Dr. Dusk to manage the Eastern Quarry and Mining facilty, one of the largest quarries in the world and the primary supplier of humanity’s raw material for construction. Despite his appearances, Quarry Man is quite the analyst and often has to deal with people underestimating his intellect due to his size and power. Because of this, he tends to avoid open socialization and does most of his work at the quarry behind the scenes.

After being reprogrammed by Dr. Wily, Quarry Man has taken control of the quarry and is triggering seismic tremors that pose a risk to the raw material and the human workers.

Inc Game Appearances

Mega Man Shattered Diamond


Good Point Bad Point Likes Dislikes
Down to earth Reserved Quiet reading Talkative people (or robots)

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Quarry Man's stage theme

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