Pulse Man

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Pulse Man RF Mugshot
Pulse Man RF Mugshot
Pulse Man
Pulse Man Art
Pulse Man art by Karakato
In-Game Information
HP: 28
Attack Damage:  ??? (contact)
??? (Pulse Stopper)
Weapon: Pulse Stopper
Weakness(es): Virus Outbreak and Rolling Cutter
Affiliations: RFJusticeMug.png Justice Man
Occupation: Experimental Fuel Engineer
Misc. Information
Designer(s): GoldwaterDS
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Red
Series Information
Inc Game Appearances: Mega Man Rock Force

An experimental robot, Pulse Man serves as a proof of concept rather than a truly practical robot, an idea he resents. He and several other machines were designed to work with a new hydrogen fuel system that was based on the cardiovascular system. Though this system earned the respect of the scientific community, plans to experiment further fell through, leaving Pulse Man and the self-sustaining machines alone at an abandoned factory. Though the unusual fluid used to power the machines is currently sterile, it is easily contaminated by foreign bodies.

CD Data

"Why does it become red outside?"

  • Good Point: Low Maintenance
  • Bad Point: Aimless
  • Likes: Orange Juice
  • Dislikes: Injections

Mega Man Rock Force

Attack Pattern

Pulse Man is fought in a room split into three sections, a high ground in the middle and two low grounds. He jumps between these three sections for movement, creating shockwaves with his weight. When he attacks, he will either charge and fire the Pulse Stopper at you, or he will fire four smaller energy pulses that will reflect off of the walls. All his pulse-based attacks can block your shots. His attack speed is controlled by his difficulty.

Technical Information

(To be added)


Pulse Man is weak to the Virus Outbreak and the Rolling Cutter. Virus Outbreak's WE can deplete itself very quickly if you run it against his pulse attacks. Cut Man doesn't have this issue.

Fusion Masters

Pulse Man combines with either Crypt Man to create Thrill Man or Virus Man to create Plague Man.


  • Pulse Man was originally called Bio Man, and had a more a mutant cyborg-like design compared to what he is today.

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