Duality Twins

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Duality Twins Mugshot
Duality Twins Mugshot
Duality Twins
(Positive Woman "Major" & Negative Man "Minor")
SCN-001⁺ & SCN-001⁻
(DSN-018 & DSN-019)
In-Game Information
HP: 28 (shared)
Attack Damage:  ????
Weapon: Paradigm Shift
Weakness(es): SIBRE:
Option Buster
Affiliations: Schnider Corporation
S-LeagueLogo.png S-League
Occupation: Undercover RMK Units
Misc. Information
Designer(s): Damona_Schnider
Gender: Female/Male
Eye Color: Pink/Blue
Series Information
Inc Game Appearances: SIBRE

Major and Minor are a pair of Rockman Killer Type Units produced by the Schnider Corporation. Originally, SCN:001 was one RMK unit under the name Project Scale. Scale was an incredibly powerful robot, able to rapidly produce his own energy. He was equipped with an impenetrable energy shield, and Buster Cannon developed in house by Schnider Corp Scientists. Scale's energetic personality made him rather popular with most of the project staff, being ready to take on any challenge they threw at him.

However, an unforeseen side-effect caused Scale to go on a rampage when the scientists' test could no longer keep up with his demands. Still having energy to burn, Scale turned his attention to the laboratory itself destroying over 85% of the building before he finally burned himself out. Realizing their mistake, the scientist split Scale into two robots, a sister and brother unit, Major and Minor. Major would take on all of Scale's energetic personality data, while Minor would house the energy production, shield, and buster, being programmed with a new, more lethargic, personality, ensuring that a repeat of the Project Scale incident, would never occur.

In order to blend in with the general Robot Master group however they've been assigned the RM names, Positive Woman and Negative Man. Major is the more manic of the two, with a very bubbly personality and a go-getter attitude. Minor is vastly more depressive than Major, and If not for her dragging him around, he'd likely just lie around in his charging chamber all day. Separately the two aren't much of a threat, but between Major rapidly hopping around, and Minor's nigh invulnerability when his energy isn't focused on attacking, they make for a truly challenging opponent.

When the situation becomes desperate, the twins Paradigm Shift attack causes the two to switch personality data, effectively restoring Project Scale in Minor's form. As a fail-safe, the effects of Paradigm Shift only last for a short amount of time, as to prevent another Project Scale tier incident.

Video Game Appearances


Major and Minor appear as one of the entrants of the S-League, under the title, Duality Twins, as well as Positive Woman and Negative Man individually.

Other Media

At the present, Major and Minor only exist as Bosses in SIBRE, however there are plans for them to be included in another project in the distant future, along with Elegy.


View Major and Minor's animations here once available.

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