Metal Man

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Metal Man QR Mugshot
Metal Man QR Mugshot
Metal Man
Metal Man Official Art
Official Artwork of Metal Man
In-Game Information
HP: 28
Attack Damage:  ??? (contact)
??? (Metal Catcher)
Weapon: Metal Blade (MM2)
Metal Catcher (QR1)
Weakness(es): Metal Catcher
Clash Blaster
Affiliations: DrWilyLogo.png Dr. Wily
Occupation: Battle Robot
Misc. Information
Script: メタルマン
Romaji: Metaruman
Designer(s): Masanori Satou
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Red
Series Information
Official Game Appearances: Mega Man 2
Mega Man II
Inc Game Appearances: Quint's Revenge
Other Appearances: Cut's Corner!
"Sorry. Were you expecting some kind of formal intro first? I'm Metal Man, the robot that Cut Man should've been!"
―Metal Man, Mega Man (Archie Comics)

Metal Man (メタルマン Metaruman) is a boss character from the original Mega Man series. He was the first Robot Master built by Dr. Wily, created specially for combat for his revenge against Mega Man. Wily based Metal Man's design on Cut Man. His Special Weapon is the Metal Blade, large and razor-sharp saw blades made of ceramic titanium that he can throw at high speed with deadly accuracy. His lightweight design also grants him high agility, but because of a design flaw, Metal Man is vulnerable to Mega Man's Mega Buster.

Inc Game Appearances

Metal Man appears as a primary robot master in Quint's Revenge, and a pre-built asset Devkit Boss in Make a Good Mega Man Level 2, free for use by submitters.
In Quint's Revenge, Metal Man is armed with Metal Catcher, a weapon with the ability to steal the life energy of its opponents. Should this weapon hit Quint, it will return health to Metal Man, prolonging the fight.
In both games, Metal Man suffers from a critical weakness of his own weapon - if he is hit with either Metal Catcher or Metal Blade in either game, he is felled in one hit. (The latter requires the use of another weapon to reflect Metal Man's projectile back at him, and the former can only be performed in the boss rush.)

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