Megaman's Christmas Carol 2

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Megaman's Christmas Carol 2
Megaman's Christmas Carol 2 Promo Art

Megaman's Christmas Carol 2

The first sequel in the Christmas Carol series, it was also the first of the games to feature a soundtrack almost entirely done by Joseph Collins, and used a brand new engine to help the gameplay get closer to standard Megaman controls. It came with 8 achievements, and received an update partway through 2011 to add an additional boss to the game in the form of the Light Devil.


Get the game at the link below:
Version 2.1.2


Robot Masters

Charles Dickens No. Name Weapon Weakness
CDN-004 & CDN-005 Tiny Tim & Bob Cratchit Rubber Duff Candy Cane
CDN-006 Scrooge Hum Bug Twinkle Buster/Candy Cane
CDN-007 Want Candy Cane Hum Bug
CDN-008 Ignorance Twinkle Buster Rubber Duff

Fortress Bosses

Stage Machine No. Name Weakness
Stage 1 ???-??? Light Devil (Hard Mode only) Hum Bug
Stage 2 Wily Machine X1 Deathmas Tree Twinkle Buster/Rubber Duff


Penetrating projectile that embeds itself into walls. Use it as a platform to climb up!

Rapid fire spread shot. Very low ammo usage!

Vertical projectile that explodes when it either hits the ceiling or you press the fire button again. Shrapnel from explosion released from the Hum Bug and deals additional damage.

Wild bouncing projectile that remains on screen even after you've switched weapons.

The following are unlocked through a cheat code after you have successfully beaten the game on hard mode, see the Christmas Carol Remix page for more information on these:


  • Who Needs a Menu?

Find a way to change weapons on the stage select.

  • Not Ready!

Hit Tiny Tim with a fully charged shot before he's ready for battle.

  • Angel of Death

Finish off Scrooge with an angelic form.

  • Recreating the Novel

Requires the cheat code, repeat the novel during the Scrooge fight!

  • I Need no Hum Bug

Collect the E-Tank in Want's stage without using Hum Bug.

  • Cherry Up Top

Collect the hidden cherry in Want's stage.

  • Who needs weapons?

Defeat Ignorance using only the Proto Shield.

  • Relight the Tree

What the achievement says.


Originally, the four bosses from the first game were to reappear here, making for a total of 8 Robot Masters, hence why you get repeat weapons from the first game. Time constraints meant that only new bosses were used. The leftover of this idea is the extra spaces on the weapon select screen, and a cheat code that allows you to unlock all the weapons from Remix.

Megaman's Christmas Carol 2
List of Robot Masters
Tiny Tim & Bob CratchitScroogeWantIgnorance
Other Bosses
Light DevilWily Machine X1 - Deathmas Tree
Special Weapons
Candy CaneTwinkle BusterHum BugRubber Duff
Support Items
Rush CoilCarryTreble Boost
List of Enemies
PengoBox Met1-Up Met