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Mega Man Y+1
Y+1 Promotion
Mega Man Y+1 Wallpaper Art by Valo

Mega Man Y+1 is a fangame being developed by LM Team. It features Mega Man squaring off against 8 original Robot Masters and features new, original music and characters.


After what seemed a long time of peace, where any attempts at taking the world over were meaningless, a new threat looms over the world. Eight industrial robots known to be trustworthy, develop a strange case of a virus, which made them go rogue and act against the population of Monsteropolis.

Mega Man and Dr. Light assume Wily's up to no good once again, but he claims innocence while mentioning this plight might be the aftermath of Roboenza.

Mega Man is sent to investigate the situation and find out what is causing this disruption of peace, but who is behind all of this?


Robot Masters

Serial No. Name Weapon Weakness
IRN-001 Timber Man Timber Blade
IRN-002 Puppet Man Puppet Shield
IRN-003 Angler Woman Angler Bite
IRN-004 Mimic Woman Mimic Trap
IRN-005 Volt Man Volt Shock
IRN-006 Phoenix Man Phoenix Flight
IRN-007 Toxic Man Toxic Bubble
IRN-008 Melon Man Melon Bomb


  • Originally, the project was titled "Mega Man: Last Mission". The name of the team is derived from this original name.

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Mega Man Y+1
List of Robot Masters
Timber ManPuppet ManAngler WomanMimic WomanVolt ManPhoenix ManToxic ManMelon Man
Other Bosses
Optic DevilInterlude
Special Weapons
Timber Blade • Puppet Shield • Angler Bite • Mimic Trap • Volt Shock • Phoenix Flight • Toxic Bubble • Melon Bomb
List of Enemies
Battonton EX • Beaker Bomber • Beam Crusher • Big Shot G • Big Shot S • Elec'n Mk. II • Gabyoall • Metall EXMetall Swim Ω • Obstructor • Octopus Battery • R. R. Sniper Joe • Securobot • Shield Attacker MB • Telly i • Toxair • Wall Slam
- Sub-bosses -
Shakkal Bakkal