Mega Man Y+1

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Mega Man Y+1
Y+1 Promotion
Mega Man Y+1 Wallpaper Art by Valo

Mega Man Y+1 is a fangame being developed by LM Team. It features Mega Man squaring off against 8 original Robot Masters and features new, original music and characters.


Even though Wily claims innocence, 8 robots start attacking the city all of a sudden! Mega Man is sent to investigate the situation and find out what is causing this disruption of peace.


Robot Masters

Serial No. Name Weapon Weakness
IRN-001 Timber Man Timber Blade
IRN-002 Puppet Man Puppet Shield
IRN-003 Angler Woman Angler Bite
IRN-004 Mimic Woman Mimic Trap
IRN-005 Volt Man Volt Shock
IRN-006 Phoenix Man Phoenix Flight
IRN-007 Toxic Man Toxic Bubble
IRN-008 Melon Man Melon Bomb


  • Originally, the project was titled "Mega Man: Last Mission". The name of the team is derived from this original name.

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Mega Man Y+1
List of Robot Masters
Timber ManPuppet ManAngler WomanMimic WomanVolt ManPhoenix ManToxic ManMelon Man
Other Bosses
Optic DevilInterlude
Special Weapons
Timber Blade • Puppet Shield • Angler Bite • Mimic Trap • Volt Shock • Phoenix Flight • Toxic Bubble • Melon Bomb
List of Enemies
Battonton EX • Beaker Bomber • Beam Crusher • Big Shot G • Big Shot S • Elec'n Mk. II • Gabyoall • Metall EXMetall Swim Ω • Obstructor • Octopus Battery • R. R. Sniper Joe • Securobot • Shield Attacker MB • Telly i • Toxair • Wall Slam
- Sub-bosses -
Shakkal Bakkal