Mega Man Shattered Diamond

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Mega Man Shattered Diamond
Mega Man SD's title screen.

Mega Man Shattered Diamond, abbreviated Mega Man SD, (JP: ロックマン砕け散ったダイヤモンド!?, Rokkuman kudake chitta daiyamondo!?) is a fangame in development by Team Circadia. The game is being developed for Windows in GameMaker Studio 1.4, using a modified version of WreckingPrograms' Mega Engine.


The game is currently planned to feature both Mega Man and Bass as playable characters, along with 8 new robot masters and an intro stage. The project additionally boasts a new 8-bit art style which bears some inspiration from Mega Man: The Wily Wars.

Story Synopsis

As the world faces a looming energy crisis, two rising stars in the scientific community present a revolutionary new crystallized energy source they call Visnium. At their presentation, the two scientists, Drs. Rayleigh Dawn and Bortle Dusk, are kidnapped by the notorious Dr. Wily along with their energy diamond! Dr. Wily soon proclaims world domination as he uses the power from the miracle crystal to power his new robotic army, as well as reprogramming Dawn and Dusk's Robot Masters for his own nefarious ends.

How will our heroes respond to this new threat?


Robot Masters

Serial No. Name Weapon
DDN-001 Flurry Man Snow Flurry
DDN-002 Switch Man Switch Spark
DDN-003 Ember Woman Ember Twirl
DDN-004 Quarry Man Quarry Toss
DDN-005 Jungle Man Jungle Claw
DDN-006 Orbit Woman Orbiting Barrier
DDN-007 Tsunami Man Tsunami Flood
DDN-008 Breeze Man Breeze Cannon


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Mega Man Shattered Diamond
Playable Characters
Mega ManBass
Other Characters
- Robots -
- Humans -
Dr. LightDr. WilyDr. DawnDr. Dusk
Robot Masters
Flurry ManSwitch ManEmber WomanQuarry ManJungle ManOrbit WomanTsunami ManBreeze Man
Other Bosses
Special Weapons
Snow FlurrySwitch SparkEmber TwirlQuarry TossJungle ClawOrbiting BarrierTsunami FloodBreeze Cannon
Support Utilities
Rush CoilRush Jet
Treble Boost
List of Enemies
- Common Enemies -
BakihaCannon GCannon WFurofishMetoolOkinakumaShibodaustShield AttackerSniper JoeSuzy
- Stage-Specific Enemies -
- Minibosses -