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Mega Man: Infamous Intent
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Mega Man: Infamous Intent (JP: ロックマン悪名高いテント, Rokkuman Akumeidakai Tento) is a cancelled fangame that was being developed by Deadteam. Known for its adaptation of and expansion upon the art style originally developed by E-Clare for Mega Man Disharmony, the game was being developed from scratch in Python. Though widely criticized for its overambition, it was lack of leadership and growing animosity between Deadteam's members that ultimately led to the game's cancellation.


(The game's story was stated to take place some time after Mega Man 10.)

The story begins in a town called Lansford, where the robotics professor Dr. Isaac N. Famous, whose designs for service droids have revolutionized the city, is hailed as its modern hero. When a longtime friend of his informs him that she's having a daughter, the doctor decides to give a gift to his old friend and put his skills to the test by developing a mechanical "playmate" for the future child. He was able to construct a working prototype fairly easily, but he wasn't satisfied—he would keep coming up with new ways to improve it—to increase its capacity to learn, to improve its abilities as a friend and a guardian to its owner.

The final result was a machine in two parts: "Suzy," the friendly and helpful companion robot, and "TINKER," a supercomputer that would log all of Suzy's experiences and help her decide what was right and what was wrong. All seemed to be going well...but something went awry. During testing, TINKER revealed its moral capacity to be skewed, like that of a child's, and the long periods Suzy spent in isolation drove her to develop a deep-seated hatred for the doctor. Dr. Famous was prepared to scrap the project and take it a step back, but Suzy escaped from her containment and threatened the doctor's life unless he complied with TINKER's plans.

Fearful of his own creation, Dr. Famous complied, and constructed a series of Robot Masters based on blueprints that TINKER had apparently developed all by itself. Once they were completed, TINKER took control of them as if they were its action figures and sent them all out to wreak havoc on the streets of Lansford—all of them, that is, except for the militaristic robot, Baroque, who had greater ambitions than taking over Lansford. Amassing an army, he leads an assault on the city of Monstropolis, dragging our heroes into the unfolding conflict.

The attention of Dr. Wily is drawn to the commotion in Lansford as well. Curious if he has competition in the world dominion industry, he sends a team of his old robots to the area to investigate, led by the Mega Man Killer, Punk.

The game itself begins with the player-character of choice battling Baroque's army in the streets of Monstropolis, ending in a battle against the robotic general himself. Once defeated, however, he invites them to Lansford, a place where they could fight on his own terms, and promptly teleports there himself to regroup with his troops and receive repairs. Once the player-character arrives in Lansford, they engage Dr. Famous's Robot Masters as well as any forces of Dr. Wily they happen to come across.

In addition, the player-character has the chance to head to a memorial in the center of town and learn the legend of Lance, Lansford's hero. Lauded for his unbreakable force of will and leadership skills, he is credited with the foundation of the city. Upon defeating all the bosses before entering Fort Famous, the player can choose to return to the memorial—and meet the old knight himself. Upon inquiring how he's lived for so long, Lance reveals he is a robot as well—a machine that crash-landed on Earth centuries ago and adapted to life on the planet. Lance then offers to duel with the player-character, and upon besting him, he will lend the player his signature weapon, the Hero's Lance—with the caveat that they will return the weapon and tell no one of their encounter.

After all this, the player proceeds into Fort Famous and eventually engages Dr. Famous himself, who expresses remorse before fighting them in a personalized tank. After his defeat, he makes a strained effort to explain he was being manipulated before passing out, and the player proceeds deeper into the recesses of Fort Famous to find Suzy. When the girl expresses no remorse for her actions, the player engages her in a brutal battle...

But her fate after this battle is one thing of many that varies based on the character chosen. The differences in story between playable characters (Except for Quake Woman, who is withheld because, being added to the game late in its "development cycle," never had her cutscene scripts finished) is listed below:

Story Differences

Mega Man

Mega Man arrived in Lansford at an outpost constructed by Dr. Light. Here, he could speak to Dr. Light to access the CD Database or save the game at any point, or to Roll to access a shop (With a limited inventory compared to that of Big Eddie's).

Upon the defeat of the third Robot Master, they would drop a strange unmarked data chip. Mega Man would return to Dr. Light's outpost with this data chip and give it to him to discover that it contained only an audio file, pleading for whomever is defeating the Robots to take pity on them, for "they know not what they have done." The anonymous voice seemed as if it were about to give further instruction before it is abruptly cut off. Mega Man questioned if the voice can be trusted, but Dr. Light reminded him that he needed to defeat the remaining Robot Masters anyway, sending him back into the field.

When encountering Bass, Mega Man would be dismissive of the danger that he poses, claiming that he doesn't have the time to fight him, but Bass was equally dismissive of his duties as a hero. After his defeat, he claimed that he will discover the difference between him and Mega Man, and one day, surpass him in power, before warping away. When encountering Proto Man, the battle had a much friendlier tone, with him offering to spar against Mega Man simply to make sure his skills are still up to par.

After all the Robot Masters were defeated, Dr. Famous would have contacted Dr. Light's outpost, threatening the city with the return of the Robot Masters unless Mega Man comes to Fort Famous on the outskirts and stops him. Roll claimed she recognizes his voice as the one on the audio clip found earlier, but he denies this claim. After the transition ended, Mega Man worried about walking into another trap, but Roll reassured him by reminding him of his past victories, and with that, he set off to the Fort.

In the encounter against Lance, he initially reacted with surprise to the thought-dead hero's sudden appearance, but Lance informed him about the truth of his origin. The two quickly realized they have deep respect for each other for their heroic deeds, and Lance offered to spar against Mega Man. After his defeat, Mega Man said the world would be a lot safer if they worked together, but Lance refused to step back into the spotlight. However, he offered Mega Man his signature weapon, which he graciously accepted.

After the defeat of Suzy, all seemed well for a moment before the inner sanctum of Fort Famous began to collapse from sustained damage from the fight. Falling rubble pinned Suzy in place, and as Mega Man began searching for an escape route, she begged for him to save her and TINKER. After a moment of deliberation, he agreed to, and after contacting Dr. Light to upload TINKER's AI to the outpost's mainframe, he warped out of Fort Famous with Suzy in tow. Back at the outpost, Mega Man and Suzy met back up with Drs. Light and Famous, and Dr. Famous explained the circumstances of Suzy's creation. At this time, Auto entered the outpost and gave an assessment on the heavy damages sustained by Lansford's infrastructure, and Mega Man resolved to help Suzy and Dr. Famous's other creations with the cleanup efforts. In the credits, a unique pixel art scene would have shown him reaching out towards an unseen viewer, offering to help them up off the ground, while in the background, other members of Dr. Light's entourage could be seen in the process of reconstructing a destroyed building.

Proto Man

Proto Man (Reluctantly) received the same assistance from Dr. Light's outpost. His cutscenes, while similar to Mega Man's, are much more solitary. He elected to listen to the sound file on the data chip by himself, and he was the only one present to confront Dr. Famous when he contacted the outpost.

His attitude towards Mega Man in the encounter against him was significantly more standoffish, and he initially refused when Mega Man offers to spar against him. After his defeat and departure, though, he commented that he couldn't have built a better brother himself.

Bass downplayed his accomplishments in the battle against him, citing his failures against King in Mega Man & Bass as a sure sign of his weakness, but Proto Man reminded him that as long as he fights for selfish purposes, he will lose. Upon his defeat, he grumbled about being a disgrace and wondered if he should start targeting Proto Man instead of Mega Man before warping away.

When meeting Lance, Proto Man believed the hero of legend had been refusing to help his city for some reason, and offered to battle Lance in order to prove himself "worthy." However, upon his defeat, the hero explained that he had been helping in ways that the others could not see, out of his desire to remain hidden. After handing over his lance to him, Proto Man swore to keep their meeting a secret, believing him to be something of a kindred spirit.

Proto Man's ending proceeded similarly to Mega Man's, only speaking to Auto instead of Dr. Light (As previous dialogue revealed he trusts Auto marginally more). However, after rescuing Suzy from the collapsing inner sanctum, he warped to the outside of Big Eddie, where Auto sent down Dr. Famous to have a private conversation with the two. He began to explain why he created Suzy, but Proto Man interrupted him to explain the circumstances of his own origin, explaining that even though Dr. Light built him like his own son, he was never treated like his son. He held Famous responsible for his "daughter's" actions, and instructed him that the reconstruction effort will be his responsibility alone, before warping away.


Bass received the same support from the outpost as Mega Man, but in a somewhat less obvious way—seemingly knowing that Bass wouldn't accept help from him normally, Dr. Light and Roll disguised themselves as "Mr. Z," the leader of a robot resistance force in Lansford, and "Echo," his cool-headed and colder-hearted assistant. Over the course of the game, additional dialogue showed Echo and Bass warming up to one another, but otherwise, they served the exact same purpose.

In his first cutscene, he took the recovered data chip to Reggae instead of Mr. Z. He cared very little for the apparent distress call, and proceeded with his skirmishes against the Robot Masters.

When seen by Proto Man, he attempted to have Bass turn himself in on account of his past wrongdoings, but Bass offered him the amount of respect one would expect from Bass. Upon his defeat, Bass attempted to finish him off for good, but Proto Man blinded Bass with Flash Stopper and narrowly escaped.

Against Mega Man, he was similarly dismissive of the threat Bass poses as he would have been when playing as him, stating that he no longer cared for any rivalry they may have once had. Bass rejected this, stating that their rivalry is all he had that drove him, and engaged him in combat. Upon his defeat, Bass was elated to finally realize his purpose of destroying Mega Man once and for all, but more of Dr. Light's robots (Roll, Rush, and Auto) appeared to back him up. After taking a shot for her brother, Bass asked Roll why she won't get out of the way, to which she replied, "Haven't you done enough?" This caused Bass to suddenly realize that normally it would be him running away at this point—Mega Man could have destroyed him at any point before now, but chose not to. Seemingly puzzled by this revelation, he left, but not before promising Mega Man that they will battle again. Returning to the outpost after this battle would have shown Echo damaged, but otherwise had no gameplay consequences.

In his second cutscene, Mr. Z was thanking Bass for helping to defeat the Robot Masters when Dr. Famous contacted the outpost, threatening their return. Bass was eager to finish the job, but he expressed his sentiment that Z and Echo could have taken care of everything by themselves. Echo said she was glad he came along, happy to know Bass as something more than the villain he claims to be. After berating her for "getting all mushy on him," he sets off to put an end to Dr. Famous's plans.

When meeting Lance, the hero looked down on Bass for his lack of respect for his fellow do-gooders, battling him on behalf of true heroes everywhere. When defeated, Bass initially was content with his battle performance, but as he prepared to leave, Lance mused about how Bass left him unfinished, and wondered if he misjudged him. Bass turned back to finish him off, but Lance was already gone, leaving only his weapon behind.

In his ending, Suzy appealed to his desire to fight strong opponents to save her, claiming she wished to become strong like he was. Bass hesitated for only a moment before opening communications with "Mr. Z," telling Dr. Light to cut the act and going about saving TINKER and Suzy in much the same way. After returning to the Outpost and putting Suzy back into the care of Dr. Famous, Bass encouraged her to keep the fight alive and seek out opponents in order to get stronger, much like he does. Mega Man and Proto Man appeared alongside Auto to give the assessment of the damages Lansford sustained, and after some struggling to escape it, Bass begrudgingly agreed to help with the cleanup efforts. He stops for a moment to invite Echo to join him on raids on Dr. Wily's castle (Implying that he doesn't know her true identity) before dashing out into the street to begin assisting with the cleanup. His post-credits scene showed him loading defeated droids into the back of Auto's truck, grumbling about how it was foolish of him to agree to help and being eager to return to his search for new opponents.


Instead of going to the outpost for its functionality, Lance could visit an underground forge hidden on the outskirts of the city, where the player could view several relics of his past. A book detailing his life events allowed him to save the game, and a deactivated Sniper Joe in the corner contained the data banks used to access the CD database. He also could not access the town square area.

In his first cutscene, Lance used the Sniper Joe to listen to the audio recording on the data chip (Not being equipped with compatible technology himself). He was somewhat puzzled but genuinely distressed by what seemed to him a cry for help, and was quick to redouble his efforts.

When encountering Bass, he was merely searching for Mega Man to settle his score, and Lance elected to battle him just so he wouldn't take time away from Mega Man's many responsibilities. Upon his defeat, he was infuriated to be defeated by some robot he'd never heard of before, but with the threat neutralized, Lance pays him no further mind.

Lance met Quake Woman underground in a tunnel that she dug herself, in her search for the minerals with bizarre properties rumored to be buried underneath Lansford. Lance posited that some things are buried for a reason, but Quake Woman explained that researching them is her duty, and battled Lance in order to prove herself.

After defeating all the Robot Masters, Dr. Famous contacted Lance through the deactivated Sniper Joe. Shocked to learn that Lansford's modern-day hero was behind their attacks, Lance charged off to Fort Famous, eager to put a stop to it.

As aforementioned, where a player would normally battle Lance, Lance had the opportunity to battle against Duo, under orders from Lance's creators to bring him back to his home planet. Upon his defeat, Lance used the statue to explain how he could not simply abandoned the people of Earth after they had placed so much faith and honor in his deeds—he had to remain here, to protect them. After a moment's hesitation, Duo said he would attempt to negotiate with Lance's creators and left as quickly as he appeared.

While Lance took pity on Suzy's pleas for mercy in the collapsing fort, lacking any allies or teleportation system, he was unable to do anything to save TINKER, and resorted to throwing himself on top of Suzy to protect her from the falling rubble. In the aftermath, he and Suzy exited Fort Famous the same way Lance had come in, meeting up with Dr. Famous along the way. He asked Lance to return Suzy from him, that he might scrap her and start anew like he intended to, but Lance had an alternative plan in mind—to bring Suzy with him to live with him in solitude, raising her as his squire and teaching her about being a good person as well as a good hero—and instructs Dr. Famous to focus on the cleanup efforts in Lansford instead. After reminding him to keep their meeting a secret, Lance exited Fort Famous and returned to his hideout, Suzy following close behind him. His pixel-art scene in the credits would have depicted Lance and Suzy sparring on rocky terrain, with Suzy expressing her eagerness to move past basic training, and Lance telling her she will wield mightier weapons only when he believes she can be trusted with them.



While the game would have played and progressed similarly to many existing Mega Man games, there were some differences worth noting—namely, that the traditional stage select screen had been replaced with a "world map" of the city. With it, the player would travel not only to the Robot Master stages, but also an outpost constructed by Dr. Light, the city square (Which the citizens have fortified into a safe place), and, on occasion, Big Eddie, where the player could purchase additional equipment that couldn't be found in the outpost. Wandering bosses would occasionally appear on the world map as well, with the player engaging them when they step into the same space on the map, similar to Shovel Knight.

The game was also planned to contain a CD Database similar to the one presented in Mega Man & Bass; however, instead of being hidden in the stages, the CDs could simply be dropped by enemies. The database was slated to contain information on every unique entity that appeared in the game, including bosses, enemies, and other major and supporting characters. A CD on a particular boss or enemy could not be found unless that boss or enemy had already been defeated, and any other CDs that may have revealed plot spoilers would have been locked until the game had been beaten.

Playable Characters

The game was slated to have five playable characters on release, three of which were playable from the beginning and two of which were unlockable. While they all relied on the same basic platforming abilities, they had significant differences in their weapons, support units (The second of which was unlocked after defeating three of the nine Robot Masters), and abilities that was meant to encourage players to play the game as all of them.

Additional playable characters in the form of Duo, Roll, Dr. Wily, and Fan were slated to be added after the game's release.

Mega Man

Mega Man played identically to his incarnation in Mega Man 5, with his slide and charged shot intact. The ability to slide into one-tile gaps would grant him access to pathways in levels designed specifically for him. He was supported by Rush, with both his Coil and his Jet abilities.

Mega Man's wandering boss battles were against Bass and Proto Man. He could also engage Buster Rod G. as an optional boss battle, whom, upon defeat, would retreat to his own special stage. If followed and defeated once again, this would have yielded a unique special weapon exclusive to Mega Man, as well as access to the hidden boss battle against Punk.

Proto Man

Proto Man played similarly to his incarnation in Mega Man 10, with his Proto Shield and increased damage functioning much in the same way, but with some key changes made to make him more appealing to play as an alternative to, rather than a worse version of, Mega Man. His buster could now charge up to four stocks at once, and after charging these stocks, the player could fire them one at a time as smaller charged shots that dealt 2 damage to enemies, or press up and fire together to fire them all at once as a single massive charged shot that dealt 4 damage to enemies. He also inherited the shield-bashing ability from Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters. Proto Man's charged shots would have allowed him to break special destructible blocks in stages, leading to exclusive pathways to parts of levels built with his abilities in mind. He was supported by the Proto Coil—modified from its original incarnation to function like Rush Coil from Mega Man 5—and the Proto Jet, which had free-range movement similar to Rush Jet in Mega Man 3 but consumed weapon energy much faster as a trade-off.

Proto Man's wandering boss battles were against Mega Man and Bass. He could also engage Mega Water S. as an optional boss battle, whom, upon defeat, would retreat to his own special stage. If followed and defeated once again, this would have yielded a unique special weapon exclusive to Proto Man, as well as access to the hidden boss battle against Punk.


Bass played identically to his incarnation in Mega Man 10. His ability to carry his momentum from dashing into a jump would have been used to reach hidden pathways to parts of levels built with his abilities in mind. He was supported by Treble, who used the Treble Boost ability, and Reggae, who would fly overhead and drop bombs on enemies' heads.

Bass's wandering boss battles were against Proto Man and Mega Man. He could also engage Hyper Storm H. as an optional boss battle, whom, upon defeat, would retreat to his own special stage. If followed and defeated once again, this would have yielded a unique special weapon exclusive to Bass, as well as access to the hidden boss battle against Punk.


The founder and defender of Lansford, Lance would have been unlocked by besting him in his hidden boss battle and beating the game at least once.

Lance wields his signature weapon from which his namesake is derived, the Hero's Lance, into battle. Attacking causes Lance to stab forward with the weapon for an armor-piercing 2 damage to his enemies. However, upon "charging," he possesses two more abilities: simply releasing the charge will cause him to throw the lance as a projectile, and inputting the slide command will cause him to charge forward, becoming momentarily invulnerable and dealing damage to any enemy he passes through. What's more, instead of copying a weapon from defeated Robot Masters, he would have taken parts from them and forged a new weapon out of them, each with unlimited ammunition and its own unique basic, thrown, and charge attacks. He inherited Mega Man's slide, which would have granted him access to his level components, and he was "supported" with a Grappling Hook, a short-ranged claw which would have let him grab on to any solid surface, and the Berserker Rage, a one-use temporary power-up which would have increased Lance's damage and caused all his attacks to explode for splash damage.

Lance's wandering boss battles were against Bass and Quake Woman. He could also engage Buster Rod G. as an optional boss battle, whom, upon defeat, would retreat to his own special stage. However, engaging him a second time would have caused their battle to be interrupted by Copy Robot, who would have assumed Lance's form and used it against him. However, this still would have yielded a unique special weapon exclusive to Lance, as well as access to the hidden boss battle against Punk. In addition, the encounter where Lance would usually be fought was replaced with one against Duo, who was under orders to bring Lance back to his home planet. After his defeat, he would retreat, and Lance would have been able to forge the Justice Gauntlet special weapon from the parts broken off of him.

Quake Woman

The first and foremost creation of Dr. Noele Lalinde, Quake Woman would have been unlocked via a bonus boss battle exclusive to Bass: after defeating Mega Man, return to the town center and speak to Tempo, who will attempt to lure Bass into an ambush and exact revenge on him for hurting Mega Man. After defeating her, she would have been unlocked as a playable character.

Wielding her Quake Drill into battle, holding the attack button down caused her to drill at the area in front of her, continually damaging any enemies within melee range—though holding and releasing attack would have allowed her to fire the drill as a projectile as well. While she lacked the ability to copy weapons, she could salvage parts from defeated Robot Masters and use them to upgrade her Quake Drill. She possessed a unique sort of dash that could be held out for any duration, but took a moment to wind up, and it would have granted her access to the portions of stages meant for Bass. She was supported by a new support unit—a robotic mole named Tremolo—who would have had the ability to rocket to the top of the screen, leaving a ladder for Quake Woman to climb in its wake, and drill into the ground to stun grounded enemies.

Quake Woman's wandering boss battles were against Proto Man and Bass. She could also engage Mega Water S. as an optional boss battle, whom, upon defeat, would retreat to his own special stage. However, engaging him a second time would have caused their battle to be interrupted by Dark Man under the guise of Proto Man, who would have defeated Mega Water S. shortly before engaging Quake Woman himself after she sees through his disguise. However, this still would have yielded a unique upgrade to Quake Woman's drill, as well as access to the hidden boss battle against Punk.


Robot Masters

Serial Number Name Weapon Weakness
DFN-001 Reaper Man Reaper Slash Hook Jacker
DFN-002 Gryphon Man Gryphon Dash Warp Portal
DFN-003a/DFN-003b Blackjack Man & Hook Woman Hook Jacker Barbarian Rage
DFN-004 Grime Man Grime Sentry Chemical Cleanser
DFN-005 Tome Woman Magic Tome Reaper Scythe
DFN-006 Barbarian Man Barbarian Rage Forest Arrow
DFN-007 Archer Woman Forest Arrow Gryphon Dash
DFN-008 Cleanse Woman Chemical Cleanser Reaper Scythe
DFN-009 Warp Man Warp Portal Grime Sentry

Wandering Bosses

Serial Number Name Weakness
DFN-010 Baroque Hook Jacker
DLN-001 Mega Man Magic Tome
DLN-000 Proto Man Forest Arrow
SWN-001 Bass Gryphon Dash
LMN-001 Quake Woman Chemical Cleanser
GUN-001 Buster Rod G. Reaper Slice
GUN-002 Mega Water S. Grime Sentry
GUN-003 Hyper Storm H. Magic Tome
??? Copy Robot Magic Tome
??? Dark Man Grime Sentry
??? Lance None*
??? Duo None*
  • All special weapons could damage Lance, but they would all damage him for exactly 1 damage regardless of the circumstances, thus encouraging the player to simply use their default weapon instead. Duo, being a boss that replaced Lance, functioned similarly.

Fortress Bosses

Name Weakness
BARON 19-2 Barbarian Rage
Terror Teddy Reaper Slice
Kendo Man Grime Sentry
Punk Reaper Slice
Famous Tank (Phase 1) None*
Famous Tank (Phase 2) Forest Arrow
Suzy Hook Jacker
Suzy & TINKER Magic Tome
  • The first phase of Dr. Famous's tank could only be damaged by knocking its projectiles back into it, similar to the first phase of the Wily Machine in Mega Man 9.


Shortly after the game's cancellation, most of the game's assets, including sprites, script, and engine, were released in a single Dropbox dump that can be found on the website's Tumblr. A later rerelease of the assets, found here, fixed run-time issues with the engine and provided a more formal release of the game's original soundtrack.

Some of these assets can be found in Make a Good Mega Man Level 2; namely, the civilians and the Genesis Unit appear as NPCs in the hub world, and the stage Forgotten Fortress uses the old Fort Famous stage 4 as its level theme. In addition, Storm Man from Mega Man: The Dark Resistence (sic) can be found in Chateau Chevlaresque after progressing enough in the game; he claims that as an advocate for new and original fangames, he looks forward to the release of Infamous Intent, poking fun at the game's cancellation.

While a number of the team members resolved to stay working as a team and begin work anew on an original IP, no information on it has been released at this time.

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