Marley's Shackle

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Icon 02.png
Icon 02.png
Marley's Shackle
Megaman with Marley's Shackle Equipped

Short ranged whip-like weapon. Can be used to grab items. Very quick and effective. Ironically, Marley himself never uses this incarnation of the weapon.

Damage Data Chart

Damage values in units in Megaman's Christmas Carol 2 & Megaman's Christmas Carol Remix.

Icon 02.png Marley's Shackle (M.Shackle)
Boss Damage
Jacob Marley 0
Past 3
Present 0
Future 3
Tiny Tim 3
Scrooge 3.5
Want 1
Ignorance 1
Duff Cannon Twins 3.5
Mystery Machine 1.5 2
Light Devil 2
Wily Machine X: 1st Phase 3.5
Wily Machine X: 2nd & 3rd Phase 3
Megaman's Christmas Carol Flash & Remix
List of Robot Masters
Jacob MarleyPastPresentFuture
Other Bosses
Sleigh AttackerMystery Machine 1SNO MISER -10bHEAT MISER 101Duff Cannon TwinsMystery Machine 1.5
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Marley's ShacklePresent SurpriseFuture ScythePast MinionCandy CaneTwinkle Buster
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