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Future Mugshot
Future Mugshot
Ghost of Christmas Future
Future Artwprk.png
Artwork of Future
In-Game Information
HP: 28
Attack Damage: Strong
Weapon: Future Scythe (Remix)
Twinkle Buster (Flash)
Weakness(es): Past Minion (Venus) (Remix)
Candy Cane (Flash)
Mega Buster
Hornet Chaser (MaGMML2)
Affiliations: DrLightLogo.png Dr. Light
Occupation: Museum Curator
Misc. Information
Designer(s): ACE_Spark
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Red
Series Information
Inc Game Appearances: Christmas Carol (Flash)
Christmas Carol Remix
Make a Good Mega Man Level 2

Future was originally created by Dr Light to serve as a Museum Curator for the Victorian Museum in England. He was given the ability to teleport short distances to better serve the large number of patrons the Museum caters to. He was fashioned after the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Be and specialized in knowledge about Charles Dickens. During the events of Megaman's Christmas Carol, he was upgraded into a battle robot, where his teleportation abilities were put to use, and combined with a scrap metal converter to create Scythes seemingly out of thin air. This battle upgrade was not without it's flaws, as the otherwise social robot was given a temper to match his grim appearance. Should someone he was in combat with last longer than Future predicted; then he was known to grow angry and would then decide to put to use a riskier strategy that put him in harms way, as opposed to usual mode of attack that keeps him out of reach of his opponent's abilities. Since he was not originally a combat robot, his frame is fairly fragile compared to his "brothers".


Future is based off the last Ghost of Charles' Dicken's Christmas Carol, he was how-ever, renamed to his modern name, as opposed to the name in the novel, as "Yet to Be" was a bit clunky for a Robot Master name. Like each of the four robot masters in the game, he was designed to be different, and in Future's case he was built to act as a Gauntlet for the player's to survive. A timer was added in Remix to further enhance this notion. When the Gauntlet is over, Future turns angry, and decides on a attack pattern that puts him at risk but increases his chance of finishing the player off. Like other tricky Robot Masters, he was made to be weak to the Buster - as he takes 2 damage from a uncharged shot as opposed to the usual one. He is unique in Remix as the only Robot Master with two Achievements attached to him.

Game Appearances

Megaman's Christmas Carol Remix

Attack Pattern


Future is weak to Venus (Past Minion) and Candy Cane in Remix and Flash respectfully. Both weapons are able to hit him before the Gauntlet of Scythes comes to an end. He is also weak to the Mega Buster. Like Ignorance in Christmas Carol 2, it is possible for Protoman to defeat Future without even firing a shot - his lager scythe attack in Remix can be reflected back at him to deal massive damage. This is risky as the Proto Shield is a small target. Killing Future through this method nets the player the achievement "Anyone for Tennis?".

Make a Good Mega Man Level 2

Future appears as the manager of McWily's, the seventh tier, and serves as the boss battle of the tier after he disposes of Pepsi's very own Pepsiman (originally Pepsi Man from Mega Man: FU), the presumed boss. His fight appears to be similar to his fights in Megaman's Christmas Carol in that he floats around high above the player's reach at first, and that the player must endure long enough before Future floats down to put himself in reach to most of the player's weapons. His weakness is the Hornet Chaser, as they can easy hit Future even before he floats down.

Unlike in his origin game, his defeat causes damaging flames to erupt from his body, which the player must dodge for several seconds until Future explodes fully and yields the Energy Element. Afterwards, he can be found in Knight Man's Chateau Chevaleresque, where he comments that McWily's has some competition.


The face seen during the hallway in this stage is that of the late Richard Whiteley, who was best known in the UK for hosting a TV Show called "Countdown". At the time of his death Whiteley was believed to have clocked more hours on British television screens than anyone else alive.

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