Flurry Man

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Flurry Man's mugshot
Flurry Man's mugshot
Flurry Man
Concept art by Valo
Concept art by Valo
In-Game Information
HP: 28
Weapon: Snow Flurry
Affiliations: Dr. Dawn
DrWilyLogo.png Dr. Wily
Occupation: Snowball Fighting Robot
Misc. Information
Designer(s): Valo
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Cyan
Series Information
Inc Game Appearances: Mega Man SD
Flurry Man's sprite

Flurry Man is a Robot Master appearing in Mega Man Shattered Diamond that guards the mountain fortress area.


Flurry Man was one of Dr. Dawn’s first Robot Masters - designed when she was only 10 years old. She had resolved from a young age to build a cute snowball throwing robot, and when she finally did, she was left to wonder what exactly Flurry Man’s functional purpose would be. Ultimately, he was assigned to assist researchers in cold environments who were studying the possibilities of humanity settling at high altitudes to help alleviate overpopulation.

After being reprogrammed by Dr. Wily, Flurry Man is now “in charge” of guarding bombs which could trigger an avalanche on the mountain where he’s stationed. In reality, he’s just there to be out of the way.

Inc Game Appearances

Mega Man Shattered Diamond


Good Point Bad Point Likes Dislikes
Energetic Immature Baseball Thunderstorms


  • Flurry Man was originally known as Tundra Man.

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Flurry Man's stage theme

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