Duff Cannon Twins

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Dr Light Mugshot
Dr Light Mugshot
Duff Cannon Twins
Mystery Machine 1.5
In-Game Information
HP: 56 each
Attack Damage: High
Weapon: N/A
Weakness(es): Venus, Rubber Duff, Own Weapon
Affiliations: Dr Light
Occupation: Defense Drones
Misc. Information
Designer(s): ACE_Spark
Gender: N/A
Eye Color: N/A
Series Information


Using attacks the original Mystery Machine used, the Duff Cannon Twins are the first half of the final boss fight of Megaman's Christmas Carol Remix. They are unique in having a shared total of 112 hit-points, this is soon whittled away as they lack any hit invulnerability, so many attacks deal critical damage to them, particularly explosions and rapid-fire. They are also weak to their own weapon - should the player be wily enough to knock their Rubber Duff Bombs back at them. This vulnerability is shared between them and the machine they are based off.


The Duff Cannon Twins are two combat drones built to protect the Mystery Machine whilst the finishing touches are being made to it.

Attack Pattern

Both Cannons will start off using a variation on the Twinkle Buster - an attack that rotates around, and after a few shots they will fire off bouncing Duff balls which explode upon contact. When one cannon is down, a third machine drops down from the ceiling, and attempts to pull them into the newly created pit made by the previously destroyed machine. All three attacks were originally used in succession by the original Mystery Machine 1.


The Duff Cannon Twins are weak to any weapon to can deal repeated damage to them, such as Venus, but they are especially weak to their own weapons. This weakness to their Rubber Duff Bombs also applies to the actual Rubber Duff weapon the player wields.


The Duff Cannon Twins were originally to use the Reindeer Missile attack that the original Mystery Machine could use - this is even coded in the game. It was removed when it was found the attack made the fight much harder than it needed to be.

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