Doctor Nikola Oudin

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Dr. Nikola Oudin
Dr. Oudin Emblem
Dr. Oudin has the plans!
Dr. Oudin Art by Valo
In-Game Information
Misc. Information
Designer(s): Rhythm
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Grey
Series Information
Other Appearances: Bass Comic Adventures
"No robot will ever stand a chance against my most powerful creation"
―Dr. Oudin, Bass Comic Adventures

Doctor Nikola Oudin is a major antagonist in the Bass Comic Adventures series. His prowess is only matched by his odd obsession with the color green. He has a strong hatred towards Dr. Light which fuels his passion. He has watched the feud between Dr. Light and Dr. Wily and intends to not make the same mistakes that Wily has done in the past.



While not much has been revealed about Dr. Oudin's past, it is known that he attended primary school alongside a young Dr. Light. It was during these impressionable years that Nikola's favorite crayon went missing from the class' collective coloring box, and the last known user was Thomas Light. A resentment was founded that continued to grow and give direction to Oudin's life. He became a roboticist like Dr. Light so he could one day overtake him as the world's greatest roboticist.


Bass Comic Adventures

The Oudin Saga

Dr. Oudin makes his first appearance in this eponymous chapter. He initially attacks and captures Dr. Wily's fortress, along with Dr. Wily to set off his revenge scheme against Dr. Light. Reggae is allowed to go free to alert Dr. Light as to the events unfolding. He then launches an attack with his own Robot Masters on the nearby city adjacent to Light's Lab. Mega Man and Bass set out to defeat the attacking Robot Masters. Once the eight Robot Masters are defeated, Dr. Oudin unleashes his greatest creation: Rhythm. A robot based upon Bass' design and programming, but given upgrades that Dr. Oudin sees fit including stronger armor, a more powerful buster, and a resource not fully tapped into: Wily's Weapons Archive. Rhythm is able to subdue Bass and critically harms Mega Man utilizing a powerful Thunder Beam attack. Dr. Oudin gloats to Dr. Wily, being kept in a cell in his basement, that his mission has been successful. Dr. Wily warns him to not start cheering for victory yet, as he has been in similar situations before. Once repaired, Bass is able to defeat Rhythm with the help of Proto Man. Rhythm yields the coordinates of Dr. Oudin's Lab before retreating to plan his own revenge. Bass goes to Dr. Oudin's Lab and begins destroying the Lab searching for Dr. Oudin. Dr. Wily suggests that Dr. Oudin utilize his final Machine device to use against Bass. Dr. Oudin explains he couldn't get it working. Dr. Wily volunteers to help fix it in exchange for his freedom. Bass arrives while Dr. Wily is sitting in the pilot's seat of the Oudin Machine 1. Mistaking Dr. Wily as the true mastermind behind all the events, Bass and Dr. Wily begin bickering with each other, which causes Dr. Oudin to stop them and explaining his past relationship with Dr. Light. It is revealed that Dr. Oudin's entire basis for his revenge is due to the missing crayon from his youth. Due to no major battles going on, two police bots appear to arrest Dr. Oudin, who is rambling on about his crayon. The last we see of Dr. Oudin is he is locked away in a padded cell in an mental institute, droning about green crayons.

Return of the Revenge

Dr. Oudin makes his return in this chapter. Rhythm has launched an attack on the city again, as a distraction to free his creator. Once freed, Dr. Oudin sends his 8 newest Robot Masters around the world to cause disruption and chaos throughout. After the Robot Masters are defeated by Mega Man and Bass, Rhythm challenges the two robots to meet him at a military complex, setting the stage for a final confrontation. During the battle, Mega Man is forced to retreat while Bass continues the fight. Rhythm then calls upon his newest support robot: Tone. Tone merges with Rhythm to form Hyper Rhythm who turns into a mindless berserker, flinging Bass offscreen. Dr. Oudin is then seen polishing up his Oudin Machine 2 as Bass crashes down onto it. Bass explains that Rhythm has merged with Tone much to the dismay of Dr. Oudin, who explains that he hadn't perfected the Adaptor technology for use yet. Dr. Oudin then engages Rhythm and is able to subdue the rampaging robot. Once Rhythm is down, Dr. Oudin turns to face Bass when suddenly his Oudin Machine 2 breaks down and Dr. Oudin is left in his hovercar. He then escapes with Rhythm vowing that he will return again.


Dr. Oudin has two Robot Masters, Winter Man and Polarity Man as part of SIBRE.


  • His first name is a reference to Nikola Tesla, and his historic rivalry with Thomas Edison which Dr. Light references.
  • His last name of Oudin refers to a type of Tesla Coil known as an Oudin Coil.

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