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Cut's Corner!
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Cut's Corner! is a sprite comic created by MegaBossMan. Taking place in the Classic timeline, it details the exploits and shenanigans of Cut Man as he attempts to balance both his hit TV show and his own overconfident yet naive attitude.


Originally designed in a long line of comic strips to only grab a quick laugh or two, due to the open-ended way the strip was originally ended, MegaBossMan had felt that he could continue the interview gag at least up to the original Light robots. Due to positive reception though, he continued on the notion of the interviews to the second line of Robot Masters, even centering the quick-fire jokes onto an actual plot-line. MegaBossMan had always wanted to create a "Plot B" Mega Man story, one that doesn't necessarily have to rely on new concepts to keep things fresh and instead flesh out the long-established Robot Master, and eventually figured that Cut's Corner could be the perfect opportunity to do so and fill that niche. In short, Cut's Corner had really only started as a gag page, until it evolved into its own mini-series of pages and eventually taking a position as a Webcomic itself.


  • Cut Man: One of the first ever Robot Masters created by Dr. Thomas Light, Cut Man had originally spent his time working as a lumber-felling robot. However, after walking into a chance opportunity to be successful yet hardly work by his own standards, Cut Man now serves as the host to the TV show, "Cut's Corner!", unknowingly taking on a new set of issues that come with the world of television.
  • Dark Men 1-4: Being rebuilt by miscellaneous doctors after their loss to Mega Man, the Dark Men squadron were specifically repaired on the condition that they be used to assist humanity. But due to their original designs being specialized for combat, there wasn't any traditional form of help they could provide and thus with their loose programming, they formed a television business in the hopes of making it big and satisfying their condition by creating jobs.
  • Dr. Wily: About as mad a scientist can get, Dr. Wily is the main antagonist of the Mega Man Classic series. Due to his overarching villainous nature, Dr. Wily has even crossed paths, and even used Cut Man to his advantage. In contrast with his more complicated plans however, his plans regarding Cut Man are usually less thought-out and are minor schemes for quick results.
  • Metal Man: Considered Dr. Wily's first proper Robot Master, Metal Man's the closest thing to a rival that Cut Man has. Their rivalry have two incredibly different motives, however; Metal Man seeks to avenge himself after a humiliating loss to Cut Man, but Cut Man views Metal Man as an impostor and a bona-fide rip-off. While Metal Man is an incredibly potent offensive fighter, he's not the most durable...

As well as a multitude of different Robot Masters

Comic Structure and Style

While a majority of early pages are less clean and focused more on a strip set-up page for easy reading, the current Cut's Corner structure is based on a 6-to-8 panel page that utilizes the original 8-bit Mega Man look, with a few minor effects added to enhance pages when needed. While MegaBossMan's ability as an artist is severely limited, the work done on pages is entirely made in the Paint.NET program. A lot of the writing done, while made in a general guideline in mind, is improvised to promote fluidity of dialogue and also basic time constraint issues.


Chapter Name Synopsis
The Slice of Life The beginning of Cut Man's new job, starting off with the interviews of his own mechanical brethren, the original Light robots
Cutting to his Return Cut Man's job begins to pick up steam, with his work catching the eye of the ever-so mysterious "Mr. X"
Double-Edged Relaxation Expecting a sigh of relief, Cut Man finds himself having to deal with the world of self-advertisement
Stab in the Dark Sent out by his boss to solve a local crime and score material for a new season of "Cut's Corner!", Cut Man runs into his fair share of adversaries
Feeling That in the Morning After recovering from his recent struggle, Cut Man is once cast out to explore new forms of genres in order to continue to familiarize himself to his viewership
Mega Driving Killers As he's out and about on the town, Cut Man ends up encountering a group of nostalgic faces: The Mega Man Killers! Though he's never faced them in battle before, there's a first for everything....