Circuit Man

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Circuit Man RF Mugshot
Circuit Man RF Mugshot
Circuit Man
Circuit Man Art
Circuit Man art by Karakato
In-Game Information
HP: 28
Attack Damage:  ??? (contact)
??? (Circuit Breaker)
Weapon: Circuit Breaker
Weakness(es): Pulse Stopper and Gyro Attack
Affiliations: RFJusticeMug.png Justice Man
Occupation: Circuit Manufacturer
Misc. Information
Designer(s): GoldwaterDS
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Red
Series Information
Inc Game Appearances: Mega Man Rock Force

Circuit Man is one of the earliest Robot Masters created outside of Light Labs and has worked for many years in a circuit manufacturing plant. His workplace creates many circuits intended for a series of larger machines, but recently these machines have begun going out of style. Circuit Man now fears that he may be scrapped soon once the demand for his specialty circuits completely diminishes. Despite his power to manufacture, lift, and destroy circuits, his older design is somewhat crude and exposing, making even minor electromagnetism a threat to his well being.

CD Data

“Yeehahaha, what an antique!”

  • Good Point: Hard Worker
  • Bad Point: Obsolete
  • Likes: Knitting
  • Dislikes: Pulse Man

Mega Man Rock Force

Attack Pattern

On easy mode. Circuit Man will jump around the room, occasionally stopping to either throw a Circuit Breaker to each side of himself, or to grab a Circuit Block from beneath the floor and throw it along the ground.

On normal and hard mode. Circuit Man's Circuit Breaker attack now has him throw a Circuit Breaker to one side, and then the other side, and then both sides in rapid succession. He also gains two new attacks, one where he jumps into the air to grab a Circuit Block and throws it straight at you, and the other has him jump with his legs spread and throw two Circuit Breakers below himself. On hard mode, he speeds up and jumps lower.

Technical Information

(To be added)


Circuit Man is weak to the Pulse Stopper and Tornado Man's Gyro Attack. Be careful, as the Pulse Stopper will not protect you from Circuit Man's attacks.

Mega Man Rock Force

Fusion Masters

Circuit Man combines with either Shock Man to create Power Man or Charade Man to create Port Man.


  • Circuit Man's stage was the very first stage completed for Mega Man Rock Force.

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