Charade Man

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Charade Man RF Mugshot Charade Man RF Mugshot Charade Man RF Mugshot Charade Man RF Mugshot Charade Man RF Mugshot Charade Man RF Mugshot
Charade Man
Charade Man Art
Charade Man art by Karakato
In-Game Information
HP: 28
Attack Damage:  ??? (contact)
??? (Charade Clone)
Weapon: Charade Clone
Weakness(es): Crypt Cloak and Knight Crusher
Affiliations: RFJusticeMug.png Justice Man
Occupation: Substitute Actor
Misc. Information
Designer(s): GoldwaterDS
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Green
Series Information
Inc Game Appearances: Mega Man Rock Force

Charade Man is an acting robot that can perfectly imitate the movements and mannerisms of those he studies. He is used to fill in for human actors that have fallen ill or are on temporary leave. He regrets that his creators only made him capable of mimicking other performers, rather than permitting him to add his own flare to the characters. He can only mimic the performances of people or robots he has studied thoroughly through visual cues.

CD Data

"I play another part..."

  • Good Point: Incredible actor
  • Bad Point: Confrontational
  • Likes: Magazines
  • Dislikes: Song Numbers

Mega Man Rock Force

Attack Pattern


When fought as a midboss. Charade Man will mimic the AIs of two different robot masters, sans attacks. On easy mode, he mimics Toad Man (complete with silly dance) and Gemini Man. Otherwise, he mimics Shadow Man and Quick Man. The robot master he's currently mimicking is displayed on the back wall.


As a boss, Charade Man will move about the room by jumping between two set locations, and he attacks by throwing bouncing balls aimed at you. He may jump straight into the air before throwing.

  • A blue ball will eventually explode into an x-shaped spread of 4 bullets, or a spread of 8 bullets, or nothing at all, depending on whether you play on normal mode, hard mode, or easy mode respectively.
  • A red ball with a question mark can be destroyed, however, when it is destroyed (or it explodes on its own), a Charade Clone will emerge and begin to jump around on its own until destroyed.

Technical Information

(To be added)


Charade Man is weak to Crypt Cloak and Knight Crusher. Crypt Cloak is also useful for taking out Charade Man's clones.

Fusion Masters

Charade Man combines with either Circuit Man to create Port Man or Photon Man to create Flare Man.


  • Charade Man is his own midboss
  • Charade Man is one of the only two robot masters to be fought thrice in Rock Force, the other is Shock Man
  • When chosen on the stage select, there is a chance that Charade Man will not land when he jumps to the middle, causing him to fall off screen, complete with death sound effect and the stage start music cutting out.
  • Charade Man's mugshot will change every time you open the stage select until he is killed. His mugshots include neutral, gleeful, hiding, upside down, dapper, and Charade Woman.
  • Charade Man's stage will display "Break A Leg" instead of "Ready".

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